How Giannis Antikonmo tore the Boston Celtics in Game One

Giannis Antetokonmo and the Milwaukee Bucks introduced an exclamation point in the first game of the series against the Boston Celtics. Can the champion crush the best defense in the NBA without his second top scorer?

Rudely looked at, 9 out of 25 from the field doesn’t seem like a particularly good game, especially for someone who’s consistently put more than 50 percent of their throws into the basket for years. That’s still the case even if we adjust it to 9/24, after all, one of those official errors was a pass, to itself, over the board, logically.

There is no name for this play, so it’s officially a false combination/offensive recovery/hit, and informally just a ‘T-Mac’ or ‘How the hell did he do that on purpose?!’. Be that as it may: the price wasn’t very good, we can agree on that.

The 14 points in the area were rather modest considering Giannis had three games of 20+ against the Bulls. The Celtics had a solid defensive game plan, always working with two, often three defenders and helping a lot, especially in the person of Robert Williams, who made a number of difficult first-row shots, or with Marcus Smart.

Giannis hit 6/14 in the area and only had 4 fastbreak points, two factors that Boston could pocket on the back after the first game because they are both consistent providers of Giannis points. In short, it wasn’t just “running, jumping and dipping,” which, in the words of James Harden, was Giannis’ main skill.

Instead, it was a game for the best player in the world, which perhaps only one person could have mastered in this fashion, on both ends of the field. Because, just to be clear, it was an impressively dominant performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo. An idea that could scare off the Celtics, who have been pretty hot lately.

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