How Ronnie O’Sullivan’s mother hated his girlfriend Laila Rawas, calling her her ass and trying to ruin their relationship

Ronnie O’Sullivan won the world snooker championship last night – but will he give his relationship with actress Laila Rawas another chance?

The snooker champion, who set a world record seventh over the weekend, was recently seen at the villa he shares with the actress after they called off their nine-year engagement in February.


A friend told The Mirror last month: “It looks like they’re trying again.

“Nothing is easy with Ronnie, but there is a lot of love in him.”

The former Holby City star, Lily, took to Instagram Stories to announce their split earlier this year.

“After nearly ten years of love and memories, Ronnie and I have decided to separate,” wrote the 50-year-old, who also played Amber Gates as Footballers’ Wives.

Rooney, 46, had moved to Liverpool, leaving his marital home in Essex. But the couple steadily separated for several months.

The split came after Ronnie’s father, 67-year-old Ronnie Snner, announced his romance with Instagrammer Tiffany Kushner, 34.

A source told The Sun: “That was a blow to poor Ron. Especially in the same week that his dad is showing off his new wife.

Laila was a source of support for him, but they separated.

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“At first they told their friends that Ron was not training, hoping things would get better between them. But now they have decided to stay apart.

“Ron has calmed down a lot and is a really decent guy. Seems like an amicable breakup, so hopefully we don’t see him go back to the bad old days.”

Rooney, of Chigwell, Essex, played his first World Snooker Championship at The Crucible in 1993 at the age of 17 – winning the title six times.

But the beginning of his career was marred by alcohol, drugs and depression – as well as a strained family life.

In 1992, Papa Ronnie Sner, a sex shop owner, was jailed for stabbing gang driver Charlie Kray to death.

But Rooney always stood by his father and dedicated his first world title to him in 2001.

And when The Rocket’s career reached new heights without his father’s guidance, he began to enjoy the high life too much.

Rooney, who has three children, said: “I got involved quite a bit, and like I said when I won this tournament, I thought I made it through.

“I had a little money, I had a nice house, a nice car, and I was single. So I could do whatever I wanted if I really liked it. I might have picked the wrong company, but it really got me. It left the ball out of my eyes.”

“I wasn’t really focused on snooker and would probably waste five years of my career really messing around.”

Ronnie is pictured with his mother (left) and sister


“Celebrate a little”

At the 1996 World Cup, O’Sullivan found himself in the press room when his guest was asked to leave.

He later admitted the assault and was fined £20,000 and banned for two years by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.

That same year, his mother, Maria, from Sicily, was sentenced to a year in prison for tax evasion.

When she returns home, she fires Ronnie’s friend Sally Ann Magnus, who had enlisted while in prison.

Ronnie’s alcohol and drug abuse eventually led to their separation shortly before the birth of their daughter, Taylor Ann.

She shared how she grew up with her father, who kept letting her down, even when he once promised to wave her up on TV.

Taylor Ann, 26, said: “I sat by the TV and waited – but he didn’t. That really upset me.”

Now herself a mother, she told The Sun in 2018 how she had only met her father 12 times in her life and claimed he had never met his granddaughter Zara Ann.

“A really stupid dad showed me what’s important in life,” added Taylor, an Uber driver.

After serving his snooker suspension, Rooney won the 1998 Irish Masters against Ken Doherty – but was stripped of the title after testing positive for cannabis.

Over the next two years, he carefully dealt with drug abuse in the major tournaments. In 2014 he wrote in his autobiography Running: “I remember coming to every World Cup and thinking, ‘I can’t wait for this tournament to be over because there will be no more drug tests, I can go out and smash it. “

“I got caught once in my career, but that’s it. I got tested between events and tried to judge it completely so that there was no medication left in my system.”

Soon his habit of taking 15 pints of Guinness a day and back-to-back dancing – he was begging to be accepted for rehab in 2000.

He later said, “I got up first thing in the morning, had a drink, and drank a coin, just to get through the day. Which I never felt satisfied because I was like, ‘I don’t want to rely on things like that.'”

He was at the Priory Clinic in 2000 and won the Champions Cup later that year.

After this win he said, “I was on a turbulent treadmill and it was a nightmare for my family and friends. This win is for the people who have stood by me through all my troubles.”

“A quiet man”

He met his second serious girlfriend, Joe Langley, on Narcotics Anonymous – and credited her with helping him overcome his addiction.

Despite being cleaned up, Ronnie was still struggling with his mental health. In the 2006 UK Championship quarter-finals in York, he was eliminated mid-match against Stephen Henry.

He later said, “I was having a lot of problems at home and in my family life. I didn’t even want to be near the snooker table but I had to go and play because it was work.”

Ronnie and Joe had daughter Lily in 2006 and son Ronnie Jr in 2007, but they separated after eight years together. This came shortly after Ronnie was seen leaving a parking lot with a mysterious brunette at 1am.

He said, “Sometimes you grow up separate. You go in different directions and that’s not my fault, that’s not their fault, that’s what happens.”

After being eliminated from the 2008 China Open, he threw a holeshot to the press. While translating his answers into Chinese, he pointed at his thighs and asked, “Do you want to suck it? Want to come in later and suck it up?” Would someone give me a nosh? suck my cock. “

He later apologized for the anger and said his father was disappointed. Ronnie Snner went on to play Cupid with Layla, a former favorite of boys’ magazines.

The actress, who starred in the movie Strictly in 2009, was looking for a home and ended up looking into Ronnie’s house.

She said: It happened by chance. His father showed me Ronnie’s house and told his son that he had met me. Ronnie called the real estate agent and asked me on a date with her.

When she said he was a snooker player, I said, ‘Yes, but what does he do for a living? “I’ve never heard of him before because I’m not interested in sports at all, even though Rooney got me into snooker.”

Laila, who has already given birth to daughter Inez with convicted cheater Nasir Khan, shared how she and Ronnie struggled to be a blended family.

She explained last year, “It’s a lie when people tell you that mixed families are easy. Fight with it, fight with it and fight Inez with it.”

‘I felt powerless’

“It takes hard work and you have to be honest with yourself and with each other.”

She added, “At first I was like, ‘This guy is not a stepfather’s stuff.’ He’s a wonderful father to his kids, but he struggled for his relationship with his family.”

Lily also had head-butted with Ronnie’s candid mother, Maria, whom she referred to as **g.

Rooney’s sister Danielle said in 2020: ‘Ronnie has helped my mum a lot in the past. But when he asked her £15,000 last year he told me she said, ‘I’m not giving you money for that damn shit!’

“She showed me Lily’s number on her phone under ‘The Revolving f***y’ and apparently told Ronnie she’s just a bitch, she sleeps with everyone.”

But the duo supported each other through thick and thin, and Danielle admitted: “Ronnie is very fond of Layla.”

The actress leaned on Rooney when she and Inez were involved in the 2017 Barcelona terrorist attack that killed 13 people.

Ronnie kept silent on the phone as they hid in the refrigerator in a restaurant. He said: I felt helpless. I just wanted you to be safe. We kept talking. I was so nervous for her. Then she returns to her hotel amidst the chaos. We kept talking until she came back into the room.”

Laila admitted that the attack left an imprint on her mental health. She said, “You start thinking something catastrophic is going to happen. I got on a plane and I think it’s going to crash.”

But despite their bond, it was only in 2019 that they both hinted that they were in no hurry to get married.

Laila said, “I really want to get ready for the wedding. We are enjoying our time so there is no need to rush.”

Rooney added, “If something isn’t broken, why is it fixed? If it works, why change the recipe for success?”

Now that the relationship is over, let’s hope Rooney keeps his formula at the snooker table.

Layla shared how she and Ronnie struggled to be a mixed family


Rooney, of Chigwell, Essex, played his first World Snooker Championship at The Crucible in 1993 at the age of 17 - and won the title six times.


The 50-year-old (third from left) played Amber Gates in Footballers' Wives


Prince Charles meets Layla Roas and Ronnie O'Sullivan at the 2013 British Asian Fund Dinner


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