Intel buys Siru innovations: ‘Bitboys’ advances future Intel GPU efforts

As Intel has now officially announced, the chip giant is acquiring Finnish tech company Siru Innovations and GPU and R&D specialists are joining the Intel Graphics team. Among other things, Intel is stepping up its efforts to develop Arc-series graphics cards for gamers.

Bitboys founders are now with Intel

Siru Innovations, founded by former AMD and Qualcomm engineers who also founded Bitboys, a well-known leader in 3D, in 1991 calls itself an expert in high-level APIs, such as Vulkan, OpenGL and DirectX, as well as in development Implementation of new GPU architectures.

We have a deep understanding of computer graphics from the high-level APIs (Vulkan, OpenGL and DirectX) to the architecture of the GPU down to the smallest details of implementing its internal functions.

We have designed, implemented, and validated key architectural innovations for our customers’ GPUs running in shipping products.

Siru . innovations

In the future, this experience should also flow into upcoming Battlemage builds such as Xe² HPG, Celestial as Xe³ HPG, and Druid as Xe⁴ HPG, which will follow the Alchemist alias Xe HPG in the coming years.

We’re excited to introduce Siru innovations to the Intel Graphics team! This talented group brings decades of experience developing graphics and software IP services that will help support our clients in the areas of MaaS/ADAS, gaming, hyperscale, and more. Welcome aboard!

Intel Corporation

In addition to the gaming sector, the know-how of the previous Bitboys, which was acquired by ATi in 2006, will also be used in enterprise sectors such as HPC, Hyperscale and Metal as a Service (MaaS) as well as in the field of driver assistance systems, the so-called Advanced Assistive System. Driver (ADAS), used for mobility solutions.

Intel’s new Executive Vice President, Raja Kodori speaks for himself on his reaction to the acquisition of “Celestial and beyondupcoming products.

In addition, he has been remembered under the long name since 2017 Chief Architect at Intel, Senior Vice President of the Core and Visual Computing Group, and General Manager of a New Initiative to Drive Edge Computing Solutions Koduri, who is in charge of the Intel GPU efforts, goes back to the roots of Bitboys and thus Siru Innovations, which was founded in the experimental Commodore 64 “Future Crew” founded in 1986.

Acquisition instead of partnership

After many talks about a partnership or collaboration between Intel and Siru Innovations under the umbrella of the Intel Graphics team, Balaji Kanigicherla confirms, Intel Corporation Vice President and General Managervia the professional network LinkedIn, acquired the Finnish company founded in 2011 and merged into the Accelerated Computing and Graphics (AXG) Systems division.

I am happy to share that Siru Innovations, a Finnish technology company that specializes in developing software and IP services for graphics, has been acquired by Intel. We are pleased to welcome CEO Mikko Alho and the core Siru Innovations team at Intel and Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG).

Balaji Kanigicherla, Vice President and General Manager, Intel

Siru CEO Mikko Alho also confirmed that the company he runs is now part of “Intel family‘and the’AXG teams” Can.

I am so happy to share with you that today we are part of the Intel family. Since our founding in 2011, we have built a great platform that develops proprietary technology and become a trusted partner in the graphics industry.

Joining Intel is a testament to our team’s deep experience in IP GPU customization throughout the entire design lifecycle. So excited to see what we can accomplish alongside Balaji Kanigicherla Raja Koduri and the rest of the AXG team!

Mikko Alho, CEO of Siru Innovations

Neither side has yet released any details about the financial framework for the acquisition, which is specifically aimed at achieving a symbiosis in the development of graphic IP addresses and new software services.

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