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The Social Democratic Party and the Free Democratic Party are demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Strobel. It is about revealing official secrets to the press. Strobel refuses to resign.

The Minister of the Interior of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Strobel (CDU), has been under pressure since the beginning of the week. The reason is that a journalist is accused of conveying official secrets. So the minister refused to resign on Wednesday afternoon. At a press event in the state parliament, Strobel said he saw no reason for that. The SPD and FJ accuse Strobel of betrayal of secrets in the case of a state police inspector, who was said to have sexually harassed a colleague. After a private, non-public meeting of the Interior Committee, the SPD and the FDP had previously called for Strobel to resign from office.

Strobel: I didn’t make myself vulnerable to prosecution

In his statement, Strobel admitted a communication error had occurred. It was a mistake not to say that the Ministry of the Interior itself released the policeman’s lawyer’s letter to the press. Strobel vehemently rejected the opposition’s allegations that he made himself punished by passing on the letter. In the lawsuit against the official, he is concerned with “maximum clarity and maximum transparency”. He does not understand why the opposition is accusing him of this now.

According to Strobel, the opposition must decide whether to demand or criticize transparent action. “It is about nothing less than the integrity of the police and security authorities in Baden-Württemberg.”

The SPD and the FDP had called for a commission of inquiry if Strobel did not resign his ministerial post. The CDU politician showed no understanding of this. Demanding the formation of an investigation committee and the resignation of the opposition’s right. But why one would call such a commission if he had not yet read the files, is not clear to him, says Strobel. “Everything is on the table.”

SPD: ‘Strobel has lost all her power’

SPD faction leader Andreas Stoch spoke in the morning after the session in the state parliament. He spoke of a “blatant event” because the minister in charge of the constitution had apparently put himself on trial for betrayal of secrets. Stoch also said that this minister should resign. He has lost all power.

Local SPD politician Sacha Bender spoke of a huge loss of confidence. “If state officials do not trust personnel and disciplinary procedures that these procedures are kept secret and kept secret, then their confidence in their top employer, the Minister of the Interior, is severely shaken.” Bender made serious allegations because Strobel stopped the proceedings in the attorney general’s office:

That is, the Minister of the Interior himself initiated this possible betrayal of secrets and thus prevented investigations against himself. It is a unique process in this country.

FDP threatens the investigation committee

The leader of the FDP faction, Hans-Ulrich Rolke, was also very clear. “In the abyss that is opening, this minister can no longer remain in office.” Strobel wanted to stop the prosecutor’s investigation into the publication of the letter and to thwart disciplinary measures against the official.

“This is a fundamental attack on the rule of law by the constitutional minister.”

Rülke threatened a commission of inquiry. If Strobel does not resign, he will force the opposition to conduct a full investigation into his conduct with a commission of inquiry, according to the FDP politician.

Thomas Strobel (CDU) Interior Minister of Baden-Württemberg refuses to resign.

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Prosecutors are investigating senior police officers

Since November, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating a suspicion of sexual harassment against a police inspector in Baden-Württemberg. For example, before Christmas 2021, there was a raid on the suspect’s apartment. The man is said to have molested the chief inspector in a video chat with his thoughts on sexual practices.

Two police vehicles park on the side of the road in Freiburg.  (Photo: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance / dpa | Philip von Dettfurth)

In the case surrounding allegations of sexual harassment against the police inspector, the SPD criticized Interior Minister Strobel. She’s calling a special session of the state parliament committee – because of a letter to the press.

Because the lawyer’s letter from the accused police officer to the Ministry of Interior became public, the Public Prosecutor’s Office became active in the case. An investigation into the breach of official secrecy has begun. The case was dropped because the Home Office failed to authorize the prosecution. Reason: It is possible that the ministry transmitted the letter to the journalist himself.

Strobl has been under pressure since the beginning of the week

At the beginning of the week, the SPD accused Interior Minister Strobel of misleading the public and demanded clarification. The interior expert of the FDP, Julia Jules, spoke of a serious problem for the Minister of the Interior. From the AfD’s perspective, pushing the secret letter requires an explanation from Strobel.

Prime Minister Kretschmann did not want to assess the anger over the lawyer’s speech

The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann (Green Party), did not wish to comment on the matter. This is an Interior Ministry matter, Kretschmann said May 3 in Stuttgart. You have to see if the committee will clarify the process or not. “I am only responsible for this too late,” the prime minister said. Kretschmann said Strobel told him before the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper published the case. I have taken note of that.

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