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From May 19 to 21, 2022, the Construction Academy organizes an innovative event format for representatives of companies, consulting firms, organizations and institutions related to business. The conference days are dedicated to the theme “The Future of Cooperation”, and are held at Konzerthaus and Initiativzentrum kup Ravensburg and are also broadcast online.

when: From 19 to 21 May 2022

where: Ravensburg Concert Hall / kup Ravensburg Initiative Center / Live broadcast

Information: www.konstructiva.info

Build is aimed at people in the world of work who are interested in transformation in the coming years and want to work proactively on real solutions. Thomas Greens, owner of the organizing academy explains, “The inevitable challenges of humanity in the twenty-first century lead many people to fear the future and give in. Dystopia often pushes constructive people, projects, and companies into the background.” Many good solutions are unknown in the world of work and the wider community. Greens: “By building, we offer a space where harmful things are named and minimized and that captures those responsible and encourages them to become part of future-oriented solutions themselves. At its core, it is about enabling collaboration between people who are realistic optimists and want to cultivate the spirit of building as a resource.”

Highlights: Renowned philosopher and bestselling author Richard David Brecht will begin with a lecture on the evening of May 19, 2022, in which he will present his new book Freedom for All: The End of Work as We Knew It. Through his clever conclusions, Precht will show how changes in the world of work are altering our lives, our culture, and ultimately our idea of ​​education and society as a whole—and what formidable design tasks face politics. He is also available to answer questions from the audience.

On May 20, 2022, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, participants will be introduced to a variety of projects, management approaches, companies and organizations that serve as role models for successful transformation. In addition, the interesting people behind these meaningful projects will have their say in compact and entertaining interviews.

The final chord for the first builds will be workshops and interaction formats on May 21, 2022, where participants can register in groups which will deal with different aspects of the future of cooperation.

A constructive and constructive platform in business and society

From the beginning, the building set itself the goal of creating a platform for the necessary transmission of knowledge, to stimulate inspiration and for lasting communication between people with a solution-oriented attitude, beyond the conference format. Participants receive valuable first-hand knowledge, learn about current and potential new approaches and collaborate with like-minded people. “It is clear that the world of work will continue to change rapidly. However, going forward, it will be a question of finding meaningful and lasting forms of collaboration. We want to encourage people to do so,” concluded Thomas Greens formulations.

The new conference provides a positive contribution to shaping the transformation process in the coming years and the necessary balancing of the demands of the economy, environment and society. It represents the reminder that it is human nature to shape things in a constructive and self-determining way – thus creating a purposeful future worth living in.

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