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On the occasion of ‘German Ready-made Building Day’ on Sunday 15 May, Bien-Zenker, one of the largest manufacturers of prefab houses in Europe headquartered in Schlüchtern (, will be broadcasting a live broadcast of house building information on the day from 7:30 Evening with a special topic “Energy for the Future”. Of course, viewers also learn comprehensively how the house was built using Bien-Zenker, get insights into the production of the Bien-Zenker house and experts answer viewers’ questions live throughout the show. For the special topic, Bien-Zenker takes the audience for a visit to the electricity storage specialist Varta. There, experts showcase the energy solutions they are currently working on, which are already future-proof and ready for the market and how the topic is evolving.

“The huge explosion in energy costs is changing the calculus for many builders when it comes to the monthly rate they can afford to fund them,” says Friedman Born, head of sales at Bien-Zenker. “Consequently, rising energy costs is a significant factor of uncertainty, particularly in the long run, that builders must take into account when financing their finances. On Home Building Information Day, we will demonstrate how builders can use high energy efficiency in a structure The building, an economical heat pump heating system and their electricity production combined with battery storage can ensure long-term computable energy costs and how the higher initial investment will pay off for you in the long run,” promises Bourne, who also hosts the live broadcast. “Especially with a high-performance electricity storage system, builders can significantly increase their self-sufficiency and are therefore no longer exposed to the volatile market.” On Bien-Zenker Home Building Information Day, viewers will discover exactly what they are looking for and how to find the right energy solution for their home.

The Home Building Information Today Live Broadcast Interested parties can watch Smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone Sunday May 15th from 7.30pm on Bien-Zenker YouTube channel later.

Interested parties who don’t want to wait for the evening’s live broadcast can get one-on-one advice and inspiration all day Sunday at Bien-Zenker’s show houses. Because on the “German Ready-made Building Day” proclaimed by the German Federal Assembly for Prefab Building, the gardens of model houses are open all over Germany and many prepare a special program for their visitors on this day, so that the visit is especially worthwhile. Interested parties can easily find a Bien-Zenker offer near you via the Bien-Zenker website at There they can experience architecture, construction, building services and consultancy services first-hand and get an idea for themselves.

More information about the House Building Information Day and the direct link to the stream is available online at

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About Bien-Zenker

Bien-Zenker GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of prefab houses in Europe. With around 80,000 homes built and a company history of more than 115 years, the company can benefit from a wide range of experience building prefabricated wooden homes. The medium-sized home builder employs more than 700 people. By participating in the United Nations Global Compact since the end of 2021, Bien-Zenker has affirmed his commitment to people and the environment. Bien-Zenker has its own sales offices throughout Germany. Bien-Zenker homes offer the highest level of energy efficiency technically possible. The individually designed homes are manufactured in different architectural styles, targeting mid to higher price ranges. All brand homes are manufactured at our own home building plant in Schlüchtern, Hesse. Subject to the high quality requirements of the German Prefabricated Building Quality Association. Bien-Zenker is also one of the most innovative companies in the industry. As the premier prefab home supplier, Bien-Zenker has developed an app where builders always have the status of their construction project, construction documentation and a direct line to their home construction team in their pockets.

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