Metaverse Fashion Week: The First of Its Kind

The first ever Virtual Fashion Week was held from March 23-27 at Decentraland, a decentralized virtual social platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

The world of fashion is becoming a digital world

The first ever Digital Fashion Week was held on Decentraland – a decentralized virtual social platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The event included several events such as fashion shows and fashion shows, as well as education and networking opportunities for anyone wishing to explore new levels of fashion.

Jonathan Simkhai is an American fashion designer. He presented his collection at Second Life ahead of New York Fashion Week. Then he added NFT to his collection to decorate avatars of users in the Metaverse.

Decentraland also hosted the first full fashion week in history. On the first day, Selfridges opened a shop displaying NFTs from the Real World Exposition currently taking place in London.

Participants can purchase NFT clothing and Foundation Vasarely artwork.

The second day of Metaverse Fashion Week

The second day of Metaverse Fashion Week was filled with group discussions, modeling workshops and interviews. The opening of the UNXD Luxury District saw a fashion show with a runway, catwalk, and high-end models presenting the latest looks.

Decentraland’s drawings immediately aroused questions from many Instagram users. Decentraland was released in beta in 2017 and many creators questioned the graphics quality.

Because of poor design, fashion shows looked ridiculous. Brands have continued to release skins that can only be purchased in their games.

Dolce & Gabbana, for example, presented cats with glasses and hairstyles as models on a platform with flowers.

Philip Plein Show

Each cat had its own style and the collection reflected the true show of the brand, both in the stage design and in the fur provided. This season features posters, animal prints, jackets and sunglasses:

Designer Philipp Plein held a show in which he presented his brand’s latest collections. Fans of the brand will be wearing goggles or respirators, ear-shaped helmets, jackets, wings and bathrobes this season.

After the plein show, all viewers were invited to a virtual party. The designer wore his trademark custom leather: a helmet with cat ears.

The day before and last

The third day’s Etro show was the biggest failure of the entire MVFW, choreographing mean avatars in modest clothing with enough Buta’s trademark designs for a digital set in the Metaverse.

The show was held at the same venue as Dolce & Gabbana, but with fewer special effects and lacking glamor and elegance.

The behavior of the audience was far from perfect – a lot of people just rushed onto the stage and disrupted the show. It turns out that the regulators did not take any technical precautions to prevent this, or this was not expected. Fans did not like the show and did not take good care of the presentation of the group.

The last day saw a presentation from Estée Lauder, the first cosmetics brand to shine in the Metaverse. They introduced a product that gave avatars a veil of golden luster. The visual effects were great and everything seemed to sparkle.

Estée Lauder used this golden shimmer as a smart move for the brand – they gave out the gold shimmer for free, and users actually liked the product and liked how it looks:

Metaverse first fashion week impressions

After completing the first virtual fashion week in the Metaverse, it’s great to see so many brands participating. Even if the outcome of this experiment was not perfect in all cases and many improvements still had to be made, all the offerings looked innovative and progressive.

This is because the brands posted the best images from their shows and not the reality with pixelated avatars and minimal looks. It remains to be seen how this will develop further.

The digitization of the fashion industry is inevitable with the growing popularity of the Metaverse. Technological improvements are also needed to make virtual reality a more viable platform.

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