NBA Playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies Draw Golden State Warriors

The Memphis Grizzlies tied the series with a tough 106-101 win over the Golden State Warriors. In the end, the dubs find no way against Ja Morant, the Splash Brothers are totally cool.

About four and a half minutes before the end, the Grizzlies were still four points behind, but then the hosts finished the match with a furious 15:6 run to victory – all 15 points went to Morant! The 22-year-old was now unstoppable by his driving and eventually had a career high in playoffs at 47 points.

Young Grizzlies sink 15 of his 31 shots (5/12 threes) and also gets 8 rebounds and assists as well as 3 steals. Other than that, only Zayer Williams (14), Brandon Clarke (10) and Garen Jackson Jr. (12, 3/14 FG) provided support in double digits. The latter was forced to leave the floor prematurely with six mistakes.

At the other end, Stephen Curry battled with 27 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists, but Chef, like his teammates, struggled with long-range shots (3/11 three-pointers). Golden State scored just 18.4 percent downtown (7/38), a negative record for the franchise in a playoff with at least 20 three-point attempts.

Jordan Paul still had 20 points, Andrew Wiggins 16. On the other hand, Klay Thompson remained completely pale (12, 5/19 FG). Golden State also had to come to terms with the injury of Gary Payton II, who fractured his left elbow in a nasty fall.

In fact, everything went according to Memphis’ plan at the start of the game: Jackson Jr and Morant scored early goals, while the Warriors essentially lost possession (a 8-0 lead). Then, however, made Dillon Brooks makes a bad mistake on Payton’s corner, Warriors coach Steve Kerr was by his side. Brooks received a gross foul II and immediately had to take a shower.

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