OLIMAR Reisen celebrates its fiftieth birthday – from a transportation company for guest workers to …

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OLIMAR Reisen celebrates its fiftieth birthday – from relocation company for guest workers to Portugal’s number one specialized company in the German-speaking market

Frankfurt am Main / Zurich / Cologne, May 4, 2022. The travel agency OLIMAR Reisen, founded in Cologne in 1972, is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. What started in 1968 in a small office at the city bus station in Cologne with the organization of buses and later also air travel of Spanish and Turkish guest workers between the German home and workplace has evolved into one of the most popular travel service providers, and is now in the second generation to lead it.

In 1972, Franconia-born Werner Zahn founded OLIMAR in Cologne – derived from the first names of his two oldest sons, Oliver and Marcus. Since then, he has focused on business with the destination Portugal and has organized flights home for Portuguese migrant workers from Porto and Lisbon. In the spring of 1974, Werner Zahn explored the country on a larger scale with his family and was happy. And since then they return every year – even today. When Portugal becomes a democracy, Zan is trying to open up the entire country as a tourist destination – with success. In 1981 the first Portugal catalog of OLIMAR Reisen was published. Since 1983, he has offered the first holiday flights to Lisbon and Faro, exclusively in the areas and hotels that Werner Zahn discovered and learned about on his family vacation. In 2011, the Portuguese government awarded OLIMAR the Order of Merit for Tourism for its exceptional commitment.

Beach cleaning with OLIMAR on June 8th
Drive in the Algarve

To this day, OLIMAR Reisen is not only involved in tourism, but also wants to contribute to environmental and climate protection. This year, for example, the company is supporting “Operação Praia Limpa”, the beach clean-up program for a Portuguese theme park, which is part of the “Together We Protect” environmental responsibility initiative that will take place on May 8 this year. In this campaign, the beaches in the Algarve are liberated from plastic and other waste, while raising awareness of environmental and climate protection – in addition to OLIMAR Reisen, many Portuguese companies and volunteers are involved in this initiative.

“We are very proud of our company’s history, the long-standing partnership and relationships in Portugal and southern European destinations, which is our company’s recipe for success, and above all the knowledge we have been able to gain over the past 50 years. Our hearts beat especially for Portugal, but we have also gained a foothold in Spain and Italy. and Croatia, as well as in the Cape Verde Islands and we would like to offer our customers exclusive excursions here.Marcus Zahn, Marketing Director of OLIMAR Reisen says, In order for it to remain that way for a long time, we are always involved in environmental and social projects and want to help wherever possible.


‘Where the holiday is still real’ is how it feels as a guest at OLIMAR Reisen. Carefully selected products, insider tips, and everywhere you are welcomed as an OLIMAR guest as a friend. In Portugal including Madeira and the Azores program, which is the most extensive on the German-speaking market, vacationers will find, among other things, hiking tours, a bespoke golf program, and a diverse, especially individual rental car tours, city trips, and overnight stays In historic mansions, in posadas and country estates as well as selected beach hotels and holiday resorts as well as river cruises on the Douro. OLIMAR Reisen is constantly expanding its range of services: in 2014, the tour operator rediscovered Porto Santo, the small neighboring island of Madeira, as a travel destination for the German market, and it has been in the program ever since. From May 26, 2022, OLIMAR will depart weekly non-stop from Frankfurt in the direction of Porto Santo with Eurowings Discover. The company has constantly expanded its knowledge in other destinations such as Italy, Spain, Croatia and Cape Verde. The provider remains true to its guiding principle in every travel destination: locals are friends, destinations are always explored in person and OLIMAR cruises are always put together on demand.

About Olimar:

OLIMAR Reisen has been a Portugal specialist since 1972 with offerings on the Portuguese mainland as well as in Madeira, Porto Santo and the Azores as well as Southern European destinations such as Spain, Italy, Croatia and Cape Verde. The range ranges from a relaxing stay on the beach to a variety of city trips, adventure round trips, single round trip car rental trips, bus, train and mixed trips, tailor made island hopping programs, golf vacations, fun and group trips also as all inclusive tours. With OLIMAR Reisen, almost everything can be combined with each other: all travel services such as flights, transfers, car rental, accommodation and excursions can be booked in a completely flexible way according to individual ideas. OLIMAR is the tour operator brand of lth link-to-hotel AG, Zurich. The marketing of the excursions is the responsibility of OLIMAR Reisen Vertriebs GmbH, Cologne. More information and reservations for OLIMAR excursions at travel agencies or at

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