Planteurs cruises: fuel surcharge on MS Hamburg – also on cruises already booked

Plantours Cruises offers a fuel surcharge for cruises already booked

Given the current situation, Bremen-based Plantours Cruises is the first cruise company to offer a fuel surcharge for cruises already booked with MS Hamburg. No other company has taken this step before.

Plantours Cruises notified customers in a matching letter and provided a detailed justification. The reason lies in the sharp increase in fuel prices, which were not used in calculating the price of travel because they were unexpected. The company now feels compelled to adjust the price of travel thereafter.

Using an invoice, Plantours Cruises concludes that the increased expenses will result in a daily increase in costs of €30 per passenger (calculated based on full vessel occupancy). However, the tour operator has decided not to transfer the full cost increase to the client, but a partial amount – this is 11 euros / person and a night. Plantours Cruises will bear the difference in actual costs.

Notice from Plantours Cruises to customers:

Your cruise with MS HAMBURG – Travel price increase – Fuel surcharge 11 EUR per person and one night

Dear Crusaders,

Your booked cruise with MS HAMBURG will start in a few weeks. We hope you look forward to this trip as much as we do.

Unfortunately, after the conclusion of the travel contract, the war in Ukraine and the world political situation significantly increased prices for transportation of people due to the high costs of fuel and other energy sources. Not only should you learn this from the media, but you should also notice it when filling your car or supplying your home with heat and power. This is also affected by MS HAMBURG, which uses marine diesel oil (LSMGO) to run.

The average consumption of LSMGO in the Hamburg operation is about 24 tons per day. When we calculated travel prices for catalogs published last year at the beginning of 2021, we assumed a purchase price of $550 per ton, which was typical at the time. Meanwhile, that purchase price has risen to $1,100 per ton. This means additional costs of US$550 per ton of LSMGO, which corresponds to a cost increase of around US$13,200 per day in terms of consumption, equivalent to about €12,000 per day (at the exchange rate (€/US$1.1).

MS HAMBURG can accommodate 400 passengers plus crew. Taking into account the daily additional costs distributed among the passengers, this will increase the daily cost by €30.00 per passenger at the maximum occupancy.

Because of this development, we feel compelled to pass on the cost increases to you. However, we refrain from passing the full cost increase on to you, because we also understand our responsibility. Therefore, we want to share in the cost increase, as we ask for your understanding that this cannot be borne by us alone.

Pursuant to Section 651f Abs. 1 S. 1 Nr. 1 BGB In relation to No. 4.1 of our travel conditions, we can unilaterally increase the price of travel. Section 651g BGB applies only in the event of a significant rate increase, i.e. an increase of more than 8% of the agreed fare. As part of our ability to request a unilateral price increase, we are now requesting a price adjustment for the cruise you booked with MS HAMBURG from €11.00 per person/night; We will bear the additional difference to the actual increase in costs. This means additional costs for you, which you can find out from the new travel confirmation attached to you, including the indication of the corresponding increase amount.

Despite the very challenging times everyone is facing, we look forward to welcoming you to MS HAMBURG soon.

Best regards from Bremen

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