Price increase because of the Ukraine war? So you can still save a lot when you travel

Summer is around the corner – and for many, too, the first big trip after the lifting of the strictest Corona measures. However, many people who want to travel face a problem: prices are going up and up. We reveal how you can still save!

Whether it’s a trip to the sea, relaxing in the mountains or a city trip: summer is just around the corner and with it the desire to travel returns. Two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the many restrictions associated with it, the door is now open again for holidays in many places. In some countries, you can now enter without proof of vaccination or health, in others a previously mandatory quarantine is no longer required. But anyone looking for a summer vacation will quickly realize that demand is high – and so are the prices.

Not only the epidemic, but the war against Ukraine is currently driving up prices. Fuel for buses, trains, planes, and the like is becoming more expensive and so are the energy and food costs of hotels. And because many car rental companies reduced their fleets during the Corona crisis, there is now a shortage of car rentals. We take a look at the individual regions and tell you where you can save.

Compare prices when the trip is worthwhile

The pandemic has hit airlines hard. Many airlines have had to reduce the size of their fleets and reduce the number of employees. Getting processes started and running again is not an easy task – and it takes time. The German Travel Association (DRV) warns that price hikes cannot be ruled out when traveling. At least because of the war against Ukraine, kerosene prices have also risen sharply, which is why large airlines such as Lufthansa are already charging more money for flights.

The rule of thumb is: Compare the cost of your dream trip over a longer period of time. Online portals such as Kayak or momondo are suitable for this, such as those in the tips portal Advise. It’s also worth taking a look at Google’s flight search engine, Google Flights: there you can get daily emails about the connection you want — and instantly see when the price goes up or down. Deal foxes know: Weekend flights usually get more expensive, so be sure to look around for a longer period of time.

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Hotels: the more equipment, the higher the cost

This won’t be surprising to many, but it’s a bigger factor now than before: the more amenities a hotel offers, the more expensive it will be in terms of higher energy bills as well. Does the desirable hotel have sauna, air conditioning in rooms or jacuzzi? It is now more expensive for hotels to operate than it was before the pandemic – and these costs are being charged to guests.

Breakfast buffets, half-board or full-board, lead to additional costs for vacationers, explains the managing director of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association Deoga in Bavaria, Thomas Gebert: “A price adjustment in the hospitality industry will be inevitable this year,” emphasizes Geppert and leadership In addition to higher energy costs, this is also due to higher personnel costs.

3 and 4 star hotels are sometimes much more expensive

Comparison portal analysis ideal Accordingly, three- and four-star hotels in particular are becoming much more expensive abroad. Guests in Greece pay nearly 50 percent more for 4-star accommodations than they did before the pandemic, and in Italy it’s 43 percent more for the same hotel category. In Croatia, prices for 3-star accommodation are 57 percent higher than they were before the pandemic, and for five-star hotels the figure is as high as 67 percent.

In order to get the best results, vacationers should reserve only what they actually use. If you don’t use the sauna or spa area at all, you may sleep in a cheaper hotel category and still not lose anything. Being flexible when it comes to travel times is doubly beneficial: you can save more on flights and overnight stays. In the case of hotels, for example, overnight stays from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday are especially required – but if you arrive on Monday or Tuesday, the overnight rates are in many cases friendlier.

Comparison portals like or can help you get a good overview of the deals, but they aren’t necessarily the cheapest. Hotels often have their own websites with similar good deals – or you can simply call the hotel directly and ask if it is possible to get a similar rate to the comparison portals. It is not uncommon for hotels to respond to this, they provide themselves with the commission that they will have to pay for the mediation.

Car rental: Availability is poor and expensive

Lovers of round trips should be very strong this summer, because rental cars are hard to come by, especially in other EU countries – and if so, then sometimes at exorbitant prices. Leasing companies have sold many vehicles during the Corona crisis, and there is hardly any renewal due to production failures or longer supply chains. If you currently want to book a rental car, you have to pay between 20 and 80 percent more than it was before the pandemic, he explains. At the top, additional costs of up to 150 percent may be possible even for popular holiday destinations in Italy and Spain. And in the United States and Canada, prices have nearly doubled since 2019.

The best way to book a rental car at the best price is actually through comparison portals. They often offer much more attractive insurance packages than those available directly from owners. Before the pandemic, it was still smart to book the rental car as early as possible before you started your trip, but this has changed now: if you needed a certain type of vehicle, for example, a spacious station wagon or an SUV for the whole family You must book in advance.

However, it is worthwhile to count on offers that can be canceled for free – if the price of the car you want drops before you start your trip, you can either rebook or book a new one. comparison portal He especially recommends the brokers and as comparative winners and price and performance winners respectively.

But car rental prices are not so high everywhere: in Austria, Croatia or Portugal, prices have been since 2019 Even if it decreases, it is currently possible to save between eight and 19 percent. Here, too, there is a risk that prices will rise soon.

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