Princess Eugenie: My Jack! This is how she celebrates her husband

BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY NEWS IN THE GALA TAPE: Princess Eugenie celebrates her husband Jack and her happiness on Instagram +++ Is the Duke of Kent’s surprise memoir a quiet rebuke to Prince Harry?

Royal News 2022 in the GALA tape

May 3, 2022

Princess Eugenie: Happy Birthday to Husband Jack

Their love for each other sparkles on their faces: Princess Eugenie, 32, posts two adorable selfies on the evening of her husband Jack Brooksbank’s 36th birthday. The private footage impressively shows that two people who found each other here want to put up with each other for a long time to come.

Queen Elizabeth’s 96-year-old granddaughter congratulated her sweetheart, “Happy Birthday, Jack.” “36 years what a journey it has been so far, I can’t wait for much more,” she captioned the two photos of the pair apparently on adventures together. Whether in a beautiful garden, under palm trees with protective sunglasses on, or on a trip with masks obligatory: Eugenie and Jack read each other’s love with their radiant expressions. The dreaming couple will explore the world together for many years to come.

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Prince Harry: Will the Duke of Kent, the Queen’s grandson, replace him with his memoirs?

Prince Harry, 37, is expected to publish his memoirs in the fall of 2022. His late mother, Princess Diana, 36, is said to be the focus of memories. Royal fans eagerly await the early biography, secretly hoping to conduct some sensitive excavations into England’s royal relatives. Surprisingly, however, another member of the family is reporting on his life: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, 86, is Queen Elizabeth’s 96-year-old grandson, who is one step ahead.

English historian and author Jane Ridley has already considered Edward’s thesis on life as part of the royal family and, in an article for The Telegraph, came to an unsurprising conclusion: “The Duke’s example of royal life devoted to belittling service stands in stark contrast to Harry’s career as a prominent prince.” The Duke’s findings are “impeccable” and are not designed to expose scandals. However, Ridley reads in it “a hidden accusation of Prince Harry”.

Prince Edward’s diaries look back at the king’s reign – for the first time! No member of the family had ever written about Queen Elizabeth’s reign. On the other hand, how Prince Harry will outline his grandmother or brother Prince William, 39, and stepmother Duchess Camilla, 74, will only be revealed to curious readers in a few months. The youngest son of Prince Charles, 73, has only made a “first-hand account of [s]To create a completely accurate and honest life.”

Prince William + Duchess Catherine: Your dog listens to this appropriate name

Cambridge was deeply saddened by the death of their dog Lobo in November 2020. He has been part of the family since 2012. However, shortly before Lobo’s death, James Middleton, 35, gave birth to a new Cocker Spaniel to his sister, Duchess Catherine, 40, and her husband Prince William, 39 yr old, children Prince George, 8, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4. In one of the photos posted for Princess Charlotte’s seventh birthday, the lovely dog ​​also made her adorable entry. With her in her arms, the seven-year-old happily glares toward the camera with a small gap in her teeth.

Not many details are known about the youngest member of the Cambridge family. Now, however, the name of the prostitute has been revealed. According to media reports, the name is Orla – a Celtic name meaning “Golden Princess”. The name is hardly more appropriate for a member of the British royal family.

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May 2, 2022

Prince Harry joins the California polo team

He gave up on this passion for a long time. Prince Harry, 37, has rarely sat on the saddle since moving to the United States. Now he can finally indulge in his favorite sport again. The Sun reports that Royal has joined a new polo team at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. There, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, 96, receives well-known support: his old friend Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras, 45, is his teammate.

How excited he is to have Harry back on Friday, April 29, 2022 at the match pitch can be seen in a delightful Instagram post of the Argentine polo player. Commenting on the team’s photo with the royal family, the professional said: “I am thrilled to be riding alongside my friend Prince Harry and the rest of the Los Padres team at @santabarbarapoloclub’s Harry East Memorial Tournament.”

The two friends are no longer related only by their passion for sports, but also by other similarities in their bios. “We’ve been together so many times over the years, and now that we’re both parents, it’s so wonderful to be able to spend this time together,” said the father of four. For this reason, among other things, a funny label was created for the eminent team. “The name Los Padres is inspired by the field’s proximity to the Los Padres National Forest as well as our relationship as parents,” Figueras explained. A charming tribute to the seemingly satisfying family situation of friends is sure to delight Duchess Meghan, 40, who was seen as an enthusiastic spectator when her husband returned to the polo field.

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Queen Elizabeth: She plans to travel to Scotland more often in the future to unite the country

After Queen Elizabeth recently drew attention to her health, things now seem to be escalating once again for the 96-year-old. Because, as confirmed by several employees of the British royal family, the king plans to participate in public events again. The Queen would like to travel to Scotland often in the future, to show the Scottish people that they represent them appropriately.

A palace insider told The Sun: “The country and Balmoral have been a very important part of her life. She has always insisted that she is the Queen of the entire United Kingdom.” But for years there have been attempts in Scotland to lead the country to independence – so far to no avail. The last valid vote was held in 2014. However, most Scots chose not to become independent and to be led by Queen Elizabeth – much to their delight. While the 96-year-old has been banned from speaking publicly about political decisions, a source said she “rejects Scottish independence and welcomes the decision of the Scottish people”.

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