Smart holidays for Duisburg children: learning holidays at the JGS Hochfelder market

Photo: the non-profit company CLIMB GmbH.

During the Easter holidays, climbing learning holidays are held at the GGS Hochfelder Markt in Duisburg, an educational program for primary school children in Duisburg. Thanks to the support of the RAG Foundation and the City of Duisburg, Learning Holidays, which has been held in North Rhine-Westphalia since 2014, can also be held in Duisburg for the first time during the Easter holidays.

Learn smart, and always be motivated! This is the motto of climbing. About 35 primary school children learn with and from each other for two weeks, under the guidance of 9 young volunteers. Not only German and mathematics are taught in a playful way, but above all interdisciplinary skills such as self-confidence and the ability to work in a team are taught. And since this works as well as a trip to a climbing forest as it does a tour to discover former industrial mining factories in your area or a craft project, schoolchildren can expect a lot of variety during the Easter holidays.

The program is financially supported by state funds “Extra Time to Learn” in North Rhine-Westphalia and from institutions such as the RAG Foundation, which makes it possible to implement learning climbing holidays in the former mining town of Duisburg. Barbel Bergerhof-Woodupia, RAG Board Member, is particularly concerned that children from skeletally vulnerable areas can develop their potential regardless of their origin: “Climbing learning breaks are a recipe for success! Children not only acquire school skills, but also discover learning points Their strength and talents. We are pleased that with the support of the RAG Foundation, learning holidays have also been increasingly introduced in the former mining areas since 2019 and are being used in great numbers.”

According to Jana Große-Plankermann, the local coordinator of learning to climb holidays, the primary goal is to show children that learning is fun. This is why it is not just about catching up with the lesson material, but instead creating a strength-oriented learning and play atmosphere: “During climbing learning holidays, children have the opportunity to deepen learning content and experience different areas – without stress and outside of the rigid everyday school life. They can do gymnastics, research, cook or compose music. Performances that many do not happen in their normal daily lives. Children expand their horizons and discover previously unknown strengths.”

The City of Duisburg together with the school district office supports the implementation of the holiday programme. Astrid Neese, Director of Education, sees the Learning Holiday Program as an opportunity to provide children from low-income families with support for a sustainable start-up of their educational path: “Promoting resilience in particular provides children with an opportunity to develop a sense of self-worth. Focusing on the strengths of the offer has An impact that goes far beyond the holiday show, and therefore should be hailed as a sustainable promotion for children.”

According to Große-Plankermann, parents and their children at the GGS Hochfelder Markt are happy to accept the offer. The current Learning Holidays motto is Sports and Nutrition. Among other things, there is also an excursion to the climbing park.

There are also many young people – including many student teachers – who want to engage with children. During the two weeks, they can also participate in different workshops where they learn to use their personal power in educational work.

Anyone interested in volunteering during Learning Holidays can register for next year’s Learning Holidays at any time at

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