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Status: 04/05/2022 06:31 AM

The state government of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has given an ultimatum to Rostock: State money will only flow if the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) comes true in 2025. This is the result of Tuesday’s crisis meeting at the Department of Agriculture Schwerin.

Rostock will receive the promised 60.4 million euros in government funding only if the event actually happens within three years. Agriculture Secretary Till Backhouse (SPD) said the state will not participate in the additional costs that have already been calculated. “The Hanseatic city must now decide: Can all this be financed? Can the timelines be met? For us, the money will be made. And for us, it is clear: BUGA will take place in 2025 – not in 2026 or 2028,” he said. Backhouse NDR.

Considerations for the possibility of deferring BUGA are not on the table, as is the idea of ​​placing the park display on the IGA 2003 site. “Our aim is to use the urban development concept to display federal parks and thus upgrade the Hanseatic city of Rostock,” continued Backhaus.

Rescue concept will be introduced by summer

With the parliamentary summer recess, Rostock now presents a concept of how BUGA can be saved and how costs can be saved. The lynchpin is, among other things, the Warnow Bridge. If this is not completed by the start of BUGA in the spring, according to Minister Backhouse, the state will discontinue its commitment.

Rostock Mayor Madsen: You must see what is realistic

The mayor of Rostock, Klaus Roh-Madsen (independent), noted the general conditions, which are no longer ideal two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war. No one can currently say how much a ton of steel would cost, say, in a week or a year. “We are in a testing phase to see what can be implemented, what is realistic in time and financially realistic. We are currently in talks with funding agencies and planning firms,” ​​Madsen says.

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In principle, it is good that Backhaus drew a clear line. Ultimately, the mayor must also be willing to forgo subsidies if the business becomes too expensive for the city to afford. At the same time, politicians in Rostock are also asked to support the concept of “BUGA 2.0”.

Warnau Bridge approval procedures planned until September

The Warnau Bridge plan approval procedures must be completed in September, or else timely completion will not be possible, Madsen continued. In November, you’ll then know how high the additional costs of building the bridge can be. Originally, 38 million euros were allocated in the bridge’s budget, but it has been clear since January that there will be at least seven million euros in additional costs. It is clear, however, that the additional costs calculated so far will continue to rise.

Buja Municipal Supervisory Board meets on Thursday

“We are on our way to Buga in Rostock,” said Oliver Vodekar, Managing Director of BUGA Rostock 2025 GmbH. There is now a clear test order for the implementation of the projects and the goal of being able to hold the event in 2025. The Pooja Municipal Supervisory Board will meet next Thursday.

Left faction leader Krueger: Avoid damage to the city

The Chair of the Left Parliamentary Group, Eva Maria Krueger, referred to the recently submitted risk analysis, according to which all BUGA construction units are on schedule, and there will be huge additional costs. Now one seems to think that individual projects can still be implemented by the spring of 2025 if others are cancelled. “I highly doubt that,” Krueger said. Now it’s all about avoiding damage to the city and making a later decision.

“Implementation in 2025 goes against risk analysis”

Chris Gunter, chair of the CDU/UFR Parliamentary Group on Citizenship, was surprised by the results of the meeting on Tuesday. She then said: “The state’s preferred implementation in 2025 is in complete contrast to the risk analysis that has now been published and presented to the Oversight Board.” According to Gunther, not thinking about procrastination can lead to failure. “We hope that is not Secretary Backhouse’s goal,” she said.

On the other hand, BUGA Supervisory Board Chair Jana Blaschka was satisfied with the results of the meeting in Schwerin. According to their findings, the Warnow Bridge could be completed by 2024. Besides the city park, this is the core of Buga.

Excess cost up to 50 million euros

To date, €142 million costs have been put into BUGA’s entire budget. The risk report submitted in mid-April already showed a 30 percent increase in cost. She added that this could reach 50 million euros.

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