Symbiotic relationship: that’s why it’s so dangerous

symbiotic relationship
When “I” becomes toxic, “we”.

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A symbiotic relationship between two people seems romantic at first glance. However, a second look reveals that it can also be dangerous.

Deep connection, familiar touches, sentences completed by the other person. Movie buffs are very happy to use this metaphor when they want to portray the perfect couple on screen. When ordinary people want to be in the place of the main characters, alarm bells ring for psychologists.

Definition: What is a symbiotic relationship?

One symbiotic relationship describe pathological dependency two people. In most cases, it affects Loversbut also Between parent and child There can be a symbiotic relationship. People in a symbiotic relationship can no longer exist without each other, they merge for someone. The Dangerous: Giving Up Your Identity and Your Needs.

How does a symbiotic relationship develop?

The symbiotic relationship mostly develops from Ecstasy of initial love. We see our partner through the popular pink eyeglasses, we absorb him and want to know everything about him or her. Nightly conversations, intense looks, and desire to have that special someone around us 24/7 don’t necessarily lead to a symbiotic relationship. You should enjoy the initial rise to the fullest, because in most cases it goes away after a few weeks or months.

But this is not the case with couples in a symbiotic relationship. You can find out delirium not out and Continue to cling to each other. Until a dangerous dependency relationship arises.

How do you know the symbiotic relationship?

The symbiotic relationship manifests itself in different ways. Come to you next five Signs familiar? Then you should take a closer look at your relationship:

  1. Prefer to spend the time With your partner instead of meeting up with friends.
  2. is yours Leisure Spend exclusively with your partner.
  3. your loved ones hobbies I gave up when you met each other.
  4. Contradictions It rarely happens because you always agree.
  5. You make your own needs less than your partner.

When does a symbiotic relationship become dangerous?

In principle, spouses automatically enter into love in a kind of symbiosis. However, it differs from the toxic symbiotic relationship in that identity and independence Don’t give up.

People in a symbiotic relationship give up themselves for the other person. dreamsAnd Objectives And Visions lose priority or on the shelves. I became we, who stands above the former first.

The dangerous thing in the identification mission is these people After separation Suddenly without special goals and close social environment Find again.

Do you feel your relationship is taking on a symbiotic dynamic? next question It can help you better assess the situation:

  • How much do I limit myself to Link a?
  • become mine needs carrying out?
  • Does your partner often push you away from your partner plans to spend time with you?
  • feel in your development and discovery blocked?

How do we get out of a symbiotic relationship?

If you notice the first signs of a symbiotic relationship, do not panic. Chances are you’re not exaggerating a toxic dependency relationship. But it can be useful, even with the smallest tags procedures Takes.

  • Communication needs: As a first step, consider communicating your needs and plans to your partner. Has he been told that you have planned your day for yourself or are you relentlessly giving in to his/her demands? Talk a lot about your daily schedule, report your need for free space if you have it, and decide when you can enjoy undisturbed coexistence again. They still have this privilege.
  • Seek medical advice: A toxic relationship built on mental issues is hard to break. If you want to resolve emotional dependency, the best way to do so is therapy. Because it does not treat the symptoms of a symbiotic relationship, but rather treats its origin.

What is the symbiotic relationship between mother and child?

A symbiotic relationship cannot develop only between a loving couple. Moreover The love between a mother or father and their child It can develop into symbiosis. In some cases, the father or mother cannot cope with the development of the independence of the child and tries to find excuses to relieve them of tasks that they can already do on their own.

On the other hand, dependency relationship can also from the child’s side Develop if, for example, they do not have a circle of friends or do not pursue their own hobbies that involve spending time away from family.

A symbiotic relationship with parents can help their children hinder personal development. The earlier it is detected, the easier it is to get to it therapeutic aid can be resolved.

Whether a symbiotic relationship is a partnership or a dependency, mother and child first In the best case scenario, the signs should be recognized earlyTo enable each person to lead an independent and healthy life. Love does not mean dependence on each other, but each other is greater respect To honor and spend a nice time together. Love does not mean giving up oneself, but mutual support.

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