That’s why Jenny wanted to keep Elver’s relationship with Mark Terenzi a secret

  • Before Jenny Elvers and ten other celebrities were sent on vacation by Sat1 to “Club der Gute Mood” starting May 4, Elvers spoke to our editors about their new relationship, their son, and the TV scene, among other things.
  • She reveals on the TV show that we’ll probably never see her and whether her son Paul could imagine more involvement in TV formats.
  • Of course we also spoke to her about her new relationship with Mark Terenzi and she explained why it is so important to keep their relationship secret.

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Mrs. Elvers, from May 4 you can be seen in the form of the new reality show “Club of Good Moods”. Do reality shows like this make you more nervous than other formats because you can be seen there as Jenny Elvers and not in any role?

Of course this makes a difference. On the one hand, you can be seen there as a person, and on the other hand I have no text preparations or anything like that. What makes me nervous beforehand is the question: who other people might be with whom you spend time. It is then that you decide whether or not you are going to have a good time, and whether people are nice or not. I know a lot of people in the industry.

You’re currently in the headlines, mainly due to your new relationship with Mark Terenzi. In this regard, one can say that the format was really useful to you, after all, Mark is also a participant there.

Yes, but I did not meet him there. We’ve known each other for a very long time. We met and talked over and over, my son and I were also his guests a few years ago. We always liked each other, but we weren’t single at the same time. While filming, we met again, spent a lot of time together and got to know each other very well.

Do you like or dislike to talk about private topics like your love life?

very hesitant. In the past four years, not once did I talk about my private life and I wasn’t single all the time and I’ve been dating someone in the industry, among other things. But when you get close to the front of the camera, it’s a different matter. Mark and I have been on the outside, and have been able to keep our relationship a secret for a long time. This was really important to us because we had to see how we could take our relationship to Germany. We stayed in Phuket for a few more days after the broadcast and found ourselves on vacation with no day to day life. So the question was: Does that also work in cold Germany? And yes, it works very well! But it was nice to have at least those two months to really see what happens to us on a daily basis.

You also have an unpleasant past with addiction problems. How do you deal with it as a couple, is this a big deal for you both?

This is not a problem for us at all. I haven’t had that on Mark’s screen and haven’t drunk in ten years. It’s a little nicer now to have a partner who doesn’t drink either. As an outsider, you perceive it differently, but it doesn’t matter, why? We have many common interests, we love to exercise, we are engaged in healthy nutrition. The past is gone and everyone knows how to deal with it.

You talk openly about the alcoholism you overcame: Have you been criticized or supported by this openness?

I got more support, especially from the general public. Everyone knows someone who has an addiction problem. For a long time I was very open about it and at one point I said, that’s enough for now. I have more. Sure, it belongs to me, but there are also many other things that belong to me.

Her son Paul is now an adult man. They are a strong team and have a close relationship. What are the most challenging moments for you as a mother?

You’ll never stop worrying and thinking: Will the baby come home safely? is he in a good health? I’m curious if this will still be the case in 20 years (laughs). He now has his own company, is very successful, has a great girlfriend and I still get anxious when he’s on the highway. I can’t turn it off.

Are you saying that you find it difficult to abandon your son?

No, I’ll let go too. We don’t know anything different than I’m often not home and working for weeks. I can understand it: when you’re always at home, as a mom, things get used to and things go according to plan, the baby suddenly moves and then something falls away. But we didn’t have that. We are separated, but very close. It is normal for us to write or relate to each other, no matter who travels to any place in world history. It does not come from a sense of duty, neither for me nor for him. This is beautiful.

How did your son react to your new relationship with Mark?

Basically, my son is happy when mom is happy. He’s grown up knowing Mark as well as I do. They have already met, so all is well.

You and your ex-partner Alex Goleg were spotted on Separate Notable: How did you two manage to function as parents to your son despite the separation?

You have worked with a lot of respect and empathy and above all by putting the child in the center and not getting into any battles as adults. If you want essentially the same thing, that is, for the child to be happy and protected, it is relatively easy to achieve.

You said in an interview that “lack of communication” was one of the reasons for the breakup. What do you do differently with Mark now, what did you learn from him?

In my opinion, the lack of communication did not come from me (laughs). But that was 21 years ago, so I hope you learn something new in life in general. You grow up and handle conflicts and discussions differently than you did 20 years ago. It would also be sad if that were not the case.

Her son Paul was in the “Reality Stars Battle” last summer, but was fired after only one episode. Do you wish him a TV career or even advise him not to?

Neither. His goal was never to go to TV and do work there. If it was convenient and he felt like it, he accepted the offers, just as in this case. It was an opportunity for him to try something and, above all, invest his fees wisely in his LLC, so he did everything right. But his main business is his company, where he was very successful and hardworking. I told him about his career choice, “Paul, you have to do something you really want to.” When it comes to sports or something like that, he’s sure to be involved in one form or another, but he’ll decide for himself.

Are there reality TV formats that we definitely won’t see you in or are you open to everything right now?

For example, I completely exclude the song “Adam sucht Eva” (laughs). Basically, these formats are just fun. I decide based on a gut feeling of what I agree with and what I don’t. I jump back and forth between acting and moderation types anyway. One does not exclude the other. All in the name of great entertainment.

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