Top 10 career tips that will increase your success tremendously

You have to work in your career. but how? Often not as expected. These final tips explain.

Make a career – but how? Works with these tips.


Only a few advance professionally by pure luck and chance. Climbing the career ladder requires work and perseverance. We say what is guaranteed to boost your progress. Job and career consultant Gerhard Winkler of Jova Nova also reveals his top ten tips on how to achieve success in your job.

How do you make your career in reality?

Always do your best and you’re done? It would be beautiful! The road to the top is winding – and not always fair. Comparing the history of CEOs shows that those who advance quickly are not necessarily the ones who provide the best results for their organizations. On the contrary: the crossover between the top performer and the top position is very small.

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