Travel: As a road racer, she takes a hiking tour through Germany – on horseback


As a road racer, Sarah Bruce tours all over Germany

“As a child, I dreamed of living in the woods with a herd of animals”: ​​contestant Sarah Bruce with her eunuch Löwenherz.

Photo: Luke Hofnagel

The young woman from Arensburg started with her horse in the Black Forest two years ago. What she has experienced since then and where she still wants to go.

Ahrensburg. “Hiker” – that’s how it describes Sarah Bruce Herself, the 23-year-old has been with her for two years horse Lion’s heart wandering. Meanwhile, they are also accompanied by the goat Alisha.

Is it a pilgrimage? The word sounds too religious to her, the young woman says: “… But basically yes.” That’s what you do. At that time she interrupted her studies of philosophy and decided to set out. “Wandering around has a lot to do with autobiography,” she says. This is her goal: to find herself.

Travel: From Ahrensburg across the world – on horseback

Sarah Bruce is currently back in the North. I grew up in Arensburg. She lived here until she was 15 years old. “Almost all of my childhood memories come from here.” But where does the story actually come from? How can a young woman travel through world history only on foot and on horseback?

On March 2, 2020, the very personal expedition – and one full of deprivation, too – began. In the Black Forest, the woman and the horse set off: first towards Lake Constance. “It was snowing when we left. The first time was really bad. More survival process.” But she kept walking. First through Bavaria, then to Thuringia and Switzerland, and finally back in the direction of my old home: Arensburg.

Sarah Bruce describes herself as a trail rider

Only in winter she stays with her partner. “It’s exciting to be in a relationship where you’ve been separated for six months,” she explains. But it works. “My friend supports me. He was afraid of course, but I was also afraid.” Before she went for a walk, Sarah Bruce lived on a horse farm in the Black Forest. There she took Löwenherz, her 14-year-old testicle. After a year and a half there, she decided to become a trail rider.

Where do you sleep on the road? “In a tent, in the woods” mostly. Lionheart carries luggage, including portable horse fence and tent. When she finds no shelter in the wilderness, Sarah Bruce rings the bell at horse farms and asks if there is still room for her and her four-legged companions. “Once you find someone who can provide the infrastructure, it’s usually very easy.” This is what she learned on her journey: “For every unfriendly person, there are a hundred willing.”

Alisha’s Goat: Saved from the Butcher

On such a farm she came to Alisha in the first place. It was originally intended to slaughter the young goats. So I gave her a chance and tried to tame her. It worked, and after three days I was able to take them with me. “Sarah Bruce receives donations to buy something to eat on the road. Mostly online, but sometimes passersby bill her or buy carrots for animals at the supermarket. I have a few sponsors now and I’m still looking for some,” she says.

General feedback is mostly positive. A young woman roaming barefoot with a goat and a horse attracts everyone’s attention. The trail rider doesn’t mind. “He brings a little miracle into the world,” said the 23-year-old, when stunned children ask if they can pet a horse. Sarah Bruce doesn’t plan her trip long. She is just walking around. You create the tracks automatically and with the help of a mobile application. There is hardly any consistent daily life. “It depends on the seasons. For example, in the summer it is too hot for me during the day, so I take a walk at night.”

Sarah’s Drive: Finding Yourself on the Journey

The adventure has already learned a lot on its journey. After all, it is not without reason that she bears troubles and risks. “It is a lot to do with asking myself: Who am I? What are my talents and what are my responsibilities? Nature is a powerful mirror of inner states.” An animal lover compares her journey with a roller. Traditionally, fellow hikers go for a walk for three years and a day, just as they do, according to Sarah Bruce, this is an important stage in everyone’s life. “Every outing is individual. Some people just walk inside.”

She believes that the school should better prepare for this stage of discovery, rather than serving as an “introductory stage for working life”. In the past two years, she’s gone through ups and downs and learned to deal with her feelings. Other findings came as a surprise to the former philosophy student: “I’m starting to really love the encounters with culture and people.”

Three years later: the journey must end at Lake Constance

And what is he planning for the future? She wants to return to Lake Constance by autumn at the latest and possibly stay there for a long time. “I can imagine quitting after three years, because that was kind of like rolling around.” She already knows what will happen next. “Now I’ve come up with a plan: I want to complete training in permaculture (surviving in harmony with nature) and then learn healing practices.” Later on, Sarah Bruce would also like to organize workshops and help others start their own journey. A book is also in the pipeline.

First of all, I stayed in Ahrensburg. Maybe you’ll get a second horse here: a pony. Another wanderer may join her as an escort. Returning to Arensburg is a precious moment for Sarah Bruce, and the fact that this city provides her with the framework for so many changes means so much to the adventure. The place had a huge impact on her life. “I faced a lot of bullying at school here. Of course it affected me a lot. As a child, I dreamed of living in the wilderness with my herd of animals.”

After crossing the Elbe to Bremen

In order to reach their next destination, Bremen, they will soon have to cross the Elbe River. Then we continue south. Park shares her experiences with the outside world via Instagram and Facebook. Anyone who does not meet her in person can support Sarah Bruce online through the Patreon donation portal under the name “Siarah Katharina”.

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