Ukraine war: Merz wants to travel to Kyiv this week

Status: 02/05/2022 6:35 PM

CDU leader Merz will travel to Ukraine later this week. This was announced at a press conference. He wanted to get an idea of ​​the situation on Earth – also because Chancellor Schultz was not planning such a trip.

According to his own statements, CDU President Friedrich Merz will start his trip to Kyiv this week. After the CDU-CSU Joint Executive Committee meeting in Cologne, he said he received a lot of encouragement for his plans.

He received an invitation from the Verkhovna Rada, which he is glad to accept. There he wants to meet with representatives of Parliament and the government and get a picture of the situation on the ground. According to Mers, a trip has already been planned for February.

Merz received support for his travel plans from the prime ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, West and Söder.

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Decide for yourself whether to travel

Chancellor Olaf Schultz recommended traveling to the Ukrainian capital. He hasn’t done so in the past two months. So he sees no reason to wait any longer. “If I’m invited, I decide for myself whether or not to travel, and I don’t ask permission either,” Merz said. “Of course I will inform the federal government in detail after my trip,” he added.

He also indicated that the Federal Criminal Police Office had not requested an escort and that there was no such offer. “Everything that is written is wrong.”

The Prime Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, Hendrik Fust and Marcus Söder, support the CDU leader’s travel plans. Soder said that’s a “strong signal” and doesn’t embarrass Schultz — if in doubt, he’s doing it himself. West said he welcomes the fact that Merz is going to Kyiv.

CDU leader Merz defends his planned visit to Ukraine

Kirsten Girschick, ARD Berlin, daily news at 8:00 pm, May 2, 2022

Will Schulz travel to Kyiv?

Mers’ trip is likely to fuel debate over whether Schulz should travel to Kyiv like other EU heads of government before him. Government spokesman Stephen Hebestreet continued not to draw attention to the chancellor’s possible travel plans. He simply said that the chancellor’s trips would not be announced until shortly in advance.

Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk said Sunday ARD Ann Weil program She said she would be the first member of the government to travel to the Ukrainian capital since the war began.

She had already planned the trip after war crimes in the Kiev suburb of Bucha became known. But then at first she wanted to let the federal president go first, who was then “unfortunately” not invited again. But that doesn’t mean “I won’t drive my car in the future.”

Visits to show local solidarity

A number of prominent politicians have already traveled to Kyiv to express their solidarity. Recently, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was in the Ukrainian capital.

There was also FDP defense expert Mary Agnes Strack Zimmermann. On Sunday evening, for the purpose of a possible trip to Mers, I stressed the importance of good preparation. “But it’s not about who leads first, who leads last.” If you go, you have to bring something with you. “That means you have to be very specific.” She does not believe the chancellor will be paid by the travel plans and has warned Merz against using the planned visit for partisan political purposes.

The Left Party travels to Ukraine on Tuesday

The Left Party announced today that a delegation will travel to Ukraine from Tuesday to Sunday. Stations are planned in Kyiv, Bucha, Irbin and Lviv. According to the information, the delegation consists of the parliamentary bloc’s foreign policy spokesman, Gregor Gyzy, the former left-wing candidate for the post of federal president, Gerhard Trabert, and the parliamentary group’s press spokesman.

The parliamentary group said that Gezi wrote to the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrei Melnik, asking him to mediate talks at the Foreign Ministry and in parliament in Kyiv. And despite numerous reminders, he received no answer.”

Merz: “I will decide for myself whether to travel to Kyiv”

Philip Eckstein, ARD Berlin, May 2, 2022 6:11 pm

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