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For more than two months, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 69, has been leading his government The war against Ukraine.

Now there are growing concerns about further escalation – and all things “victory day”: foreign politician from the Christian Democratic Union, Rodrich Kiswetter (58) warns of a general Russian mobilization. “One should fear that Vladimir Putin on May 9 announces general mobilization.

Kieswetter, who accompanied CDU party leader Friedrich Merz, 66, on his trip to Ukraine, told Augsburger Allgemeine. “If that were the case, it would be a massive escalation of the war.”

“Before Putin can call for general mobilization on May 9, the West and Europe still have a week to send clear and strong signals,” Keswetter stressed. “The West must make it clear to Russia that Ukraine will not be annexed, it will remain a sovereign country.”

That’s why the timing of the oil embargo is important now – but it will likely come in just a few months.

May 9 became a holy day for Russians during the reign of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin! It is the day of the victory of the Soviet Union and the Western Allies over Nazi Germany. Putin has sworn the people and the army to this date. The Kremlin’s propaganda created a victorious cult of the chosen Russian people who had won the war against Germany alone.

It is possible that on this very day the tyrant of the Kremlin will declare war on the neighboring country and call for general mobilization.

Meaning: then the economy – already weak – will turn into a war, and everything will be officially subject to the dictator. Millions of soldiers and reservists could be mobilized and sent to Ukraine.

According to the Russian law on general mobilization Then the citizens will be, among other things, “obligated” to:

  • Comply with their subpoenas
  • To fulfill the demands placed upon them, for example to go to war,
  • To make available buildings, structures, vehicles and other property “to ensure national defense” if necessary.

Otherwise, according to the law, there are “consequences” according to the law. For example, “conscription evasion” can result in heavy fines (up to five months’ salary) or two years imprisonment. In the event of war, it may be up to seven years!

The Russian Constitution (Article 59) states: “Protection of the Fatherland is an obligation and a duty of citizens of the Russian Federation.”

to me Figures from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) More than a million soldiers are in service for Putin – plus 2 million reservists. They can all be mobilized. But whether Russia has enough equipment at all: is uncertain.

According to the portal “Globalfirepower”, 46.6 million Russians are fit for military service. According to NATO, the Kremlin dictator sent from 150,000 to 200,000 soldiers in the Ukraine war.

One reason for this possible escalation: Kremlin propaganda wanted to use May 9 as a huge victory day for the attack on Ukraine. Tanks and tankers with the latest weapons will roll through the country’s streets as people cheer for Putin – and celebrate himself as a war hero.

Because: the dictator needs (!) Successes to distract from the catastrophe of the previous war, to justify favorably the deprivation of the Russian people – but the tyrant’s time is running out, and the successes are still missing.

Instead, he now appears to be considering offering Ukrainian POWs. An absolute violation (and more) of international law.

Contrary to reality, the Kremlin’s propaganda officially described Russia’s war of aggression as a “special military operation”. Speaking publicly about war is a criminal offense.

“May 9 is designed to show off local audiences, intimidate dissent and appease a dictator,” James Nixie, director of the Russia-Eurasian program at Chatham House think-tank, told CNN.

► The head of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, talks about Russian preparations for an open mobilization of soldiers and reservists. He told the Ukrainian news portal NW that Russia has begun “checking what it already has and calculating what it can spend on mobilization orders.”

He predicts that Kremlin dictator Putin will not justify mobilization for war in Ukraine, but with war against the Western world.

Explosive: For days, Putin’s top propagandists have been agitating against the West, defensive NATO, and especially the United States on state television in an increasingly sharp tone. It also means that the lies of the Kremlin media can be a preparation for Putin’s arguments.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in Washington that he considered a further escalation by Russia conceivable.

Shortly after the start of the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, fears of a general mobilization spread in Russia. So many Russians fled abroad, including a large number of well-educated men from the IT industry, for example. As a result, Russia suspended compulsory recruitment of IT professionals.

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