Volkswagen President wants German drivers for Audi and Porsche!

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withdrawal time

For today it should have been from the tape. Tomorrow we’ll start with the first “close-up” information from Miami. Then my colleague Stephen Ellen welcomes you here, whose “Grand-Prix-History(s)” was inspired by Tony Brock and whose cover photo also adorns.

Norman Fisher says goodbye to the end of the day and wishes you a happy rest all day long. Farewell!

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small footnote

Because it’s fitting: Lots of Grand Prix winners each decade survive to this day. But what is particularly noticeable is that over time we are saying fewer and fewer different winners, even though the number of races is constantly increasing.

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obituary Tony Brooks

Let’s go back to the death of Tony Brooks. In his honor, we now have an online obituary on our portals, in which we want to once again pay tribute to his career.

Little fact: Brooks, the last Grand Prix winner of the 1950s, passed away. Of all the Formula 1 winners since the 1960s, only two survive: Jackie Stewart and Jackie Ickx.

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A good omen for Mercedes?

There is one statistic that gives Mercedes courage ahead of their Miami debut. Because so far, Silver Arrows has won every new race in the turbo era.

2014 Sochi: Lewis Hamilton
2016 Baku: Nico Rosberg
2020 Mugello: Lewis Hamilton
2020 Portimao: Lewis Hamilton
2021 Doha: Lewis Hamilton
2021 Jeddah: Lewis Hamilton

Will the series continue in Miami? This could get more complicated…

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Nico Hulkenberg with his team in the eSkootr

There is news from Nico Hulkenberg: No, according to the current situation, the German will not lead as a substitute for someone in Miami, but he will start his own team. 27X by Nico Hülkenberg will be the name of the team that will be launching the new eSkootr series. The first race of the new electric motorcycle racing series will take place in London next week.

“I am excited to step into a whole new role as the 27X Team Owner and be a part of this new adventure of mini mobility,” he says.

“It will definitely be more than a typical racing series and I am sure we have a very entertaining sport in the pipeline with experienced motorsport experts. Urban racing is unique and will be a great stage for developing sustainable and safe mobility.”

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When in Florida…

..then of course you have to go to the swamps. Yuki Tsunoda has found a suitable way to really squeeze the gas out there. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen has to be careful not to get wet while watching.

And of course watch out for crocodiles 😉

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Impressions in photos

If you’d like to get your own impressions of Miami, you can now take a look at our gallery – even before Thursday! The riders won’t show up at the track until tomorrow, but since it’s a new track we’ve already packed our gallery. Of course, this will continue to be updated over time.

F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2022

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Vettel: Miami looks interesting

The new Miami Formula 1 circuit is clearly new territory for all drivers – including Sebastian Vettel, who is looking to build on Imola’s good performance this weekend. “It’s great to see another street circuit on the calendar and the circuit in Miami looks really interesting,” he says.

“Among what we tested in the simulation are a couple of tricky corners. Turns 13-16 have an astonishing amount of elevation change that can take drivers by surprise, and there are long sections where overtaking should be possible with DRS. Learn in advance – I Excited to get out on the right track for the first time.”

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Questions about getting into a Volkswagen

About a month ago, Volkswagen’s supervisory board gave the green light for its two brands to enter the market. Here in the video, Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmervall answers the most pressing questions about the decision on April 7, 2022.

He explained: This means yes from the Volkswagen Supervisory Board

Christian Nimmervall answers the most pressing questions about the decision on April 7 – a day that will go down in Formula 1 history. More Formula 1 videos

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Dis: Will there be another German GP?

In the context of his remarks, Volkswagen CEO Diess also spoke of the return of Formula 1 to Germany: “I also know about plans that we will have another Grand Prix in Germany, which should stimulate Formula 1 in Germany again,” he says.

This is also an important message for a group like Volkswagen. “I always think it’s a good thing […] If we don’t just watch the races in Asia, Bahrain or Doha,” he says. But you have to accept that it is also a business, and who brings what matters. But I think we can really be successful in Germany in organizing such a race for Formula 1.”

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What about Pascal Wehrlein?

One option would be Pascal Wehrlein, who raced for Porsche in Formula E and took his first win in Mexico. The 27-year-old is still in his prime in 2026 and has previous F1 experience – but that would have been the case for nearly a decade. And: If Porsche, as is currently suspected, joins Red Bull, they will of course have the diverse drivers’ team.

At Audi, on the other hand, you never know where their drivers conjure. A surprising candidate like René Rast (then 39 years old) could also come from the Displacement Tracking Matrix. There are a sufficient number of choices for former pilots, but the question of super license points will arise then in such a case.

But a lot of water still has to flow through the Rhine before we can get an answer to such questions. Because the entry has not yet been officially fixed, let alone with whom and in what form.

Pascal Werlein ~Pascal Werlein ~

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German drivers: the choice

Of course, the question arises about which German drivers will be suitable. We’re not assuming Sebastian Vettel will still be around in 2026, and that Nico Hulkenberg staying in the F1 environment for so long could prove challenging – especially since he’ll be 38 already.

Mick Schumacher would of course also be an option in terms of the name. But the German is currently struggling not to maneuver his career into a dead end against Kevin Magnussen. Only if he succeeds will he have other possibilities in Formula 1.

With a four-year period, we are of course also talking about the future. The opinion is currently very poor. Neither a typical Formula 2 nor Formula 3 driver will start in 2022. Only David Beckmann (F2) and David Schumacher (F3) were allowed to enter the car in Imola as a substitute.

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Mourning Tony Brooks

We are receiving sad news from England, where former Formula 1 driver Tony Brooks passed away yesterday at the age of 90. After the death of Stirling Moss in 2020, Brooks was the last surviving Grand Prix winner since the 1950s.

Between 1956 and 1961, Brooks drove a total of 38 races for BRM, Vanwall, Ferrari and Cooper and won six races – including the only Formula 1 Grand Prix at AVUS in Berlin in 1959.

That same year, Brooks became second behind Jack Brabham.

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world cup platform

Let’s take a look at what Mercedes’ world championship standings says: The race team currently has 77 points and is therefore quite comfortable ahead of McLaren (46) in third. So it’s not as bad as it sometimes seems.

BUT: The Silver Arrows are already 36 points behind Red Bull (113) and Ferrari 47 points (124). But that’s something you can’t catch up with in a weekend race – at least almost. In theory, you could catch 44 points without a race, so that Mercedes could theoretically move up to 3 points behind Ferrari in Miami.

Of course, this may not have been the case. However, the numbers look better than the perceived reality.

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Mercedes test drives from Imola

Mercedes has already done some testing at Imola. You can read about it again here in our technical article.

Photo gallery: Formula 1: Technology Detailed images at the Emilia Romagna GP 2022 in Imola

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