“Weg vo Bronschhofe”: only Cervelat and Zweifel chips are sometimes missing

In the series “Weg vo …” we present the people who lived in the area hallowil.ch and left it for various reasons, in a certain order. They tell us what they missed about the new place – and what they like best there. Today: Felix Gwaweler moved from Brunshofen to Bangkok.

During the holidays, the family enjoys life in the countryside.

zVg // Felix Gähwiler

Five questions for Felix Gaveler:

Why did you move from Brunchhofen to Asia?
Asia and especially Thailand have captivated me since my first trip in 1986. The fact that I ended up in Bangkok by chance in 1994 was related to work. You have received an offer to set up sales for group travel in Southeast Asia. She accepted the offer and was there within six weeks. It was a time of the “Asian Tigers” and the (almost) limitless growth of the region!

Then came the Asian crisis of 1997 and the economy collapsed. That was brutal, my employer decided to pull out of the Asian business altogether. I had to lay off nearly 100 people in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I also returned to Switzerland at the end of 1998. But it did not keep me in the country for long.

Kuoni Reisen quickly approached me, so I returned to Asia in 2000, first to Singapore, then to Hong Kong and in 2003 to Bangkok again. I still work for Kuoni, but only the owners have changed. So today we are a Japanese company and I head the Global Strategy office.

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Christmas 2021: For the first time in two years after Corona, the whole family returns to Bangkok.

What do you miss in Bangkok that was completely normal in Brunshofen?
Today, Cervelat, Bratwurst and Zweifel chips are almost exclusively available. Thailand and especially Bangkok have developed a lot in recent years. Today Bangkok is a modern city, and international products and chain stores abound. In my early days I had to go to a 5 star hotel if I wanted to drink an espresso. Coffee culture did not exist. Today there are countless wonderful and innovative coffees and a variety of (local) coffee.

In Bangkok itself I still miss the mountains and the fresh morning air. In general, I am not really a city person and I like nature. This is how we enjoy the Bastien Mountains and the Swiss Mountains whenever we visit our ancient homeland.

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“Back in Switzerland, we are drawn to the Pestines and the mountains,” says Felix Gaveler.

What do you appreciate about Thailand that did not exist in Brunshofen or was not possible?
Thais are very creative and adaptable. The welfare state is not as straightforward as it is in Switzerland and this feeds a culture in which the framework can sometimes be expanded. In the evening, food stalls are set up along the streets and you can always find delicious food. Thailand is all about the food. You can find what to eat at any time of the day or night.

Going to the sea, biking, and enjoying the beach on the weekends gives you a balance away from the big city, which can also be a juggernaut and energy consuming.

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Bike to the beach and cool off with a cold beer: is there anything nicer?

Are you planning to return to the area again?
My whole family is very attached to my country. We spend part of our vacation here every year. One of the daughters studied hotel management here, and the other two daughters also want to study in Switzerland. I think we will always feel at home in both places.

I imagine that in the future I could be at home in both places. Maybe we will spend winter in Thailand and summer in Switzerland, who knows …


First name name: Felix Geeweiler
age: 58
Where do you live? Bronchofen
till when? 1994
where do you live now? Bangkok, Thailand
Since when? 1994 with a break (1999-2003)

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