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Want to know what the C1 language level includes, how you can achieve it and what advantages you get from it? Here you can learn more!

Language Level C1: Information on a CV

your statement language levels This is important information on your CV. You can get a particularly good result if you speak a language at level C1. who – which language level C1 Derived from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and describes the efficient use of language Whether English, French or Russian, Any language can be described in this framework. We’ve put together everything else you need to know about C1 language level for you.


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different language levels

Consequently Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) agreed upon by European countries already exist Six language levels: from A1 to C2. These levels provide orientation that facilitates determining the level at which one speaks a language or assessing the level of others. This makes it easier for you, for example, Language level in CV To determine. Universities often also require that a certain level be submitted. For example, in order to study in Germany as a foreigner, you usually need a B2 / C1 level of German, which is what you need Verified by various tests Could you.

Language level C1: What does it mean

In GeR, level C1 is formally defined as:

  • C1 – Expert Language Skills: Can understand a wide range of long and demanding texts, including implicit meaning. Can express himself spontaneously and fluently without often having to look up words clearly. Language can be used effectively and flexibly in social and professional life or in training and studies. It can produce text on complex topics in a clear, organized and detailed manner, using various means of appropriate textual linking.

At level C1 you can already Dealing with complex texts and topics. Examples of these topics are progress, environment and climate, history and politics as well as current affairs. The next highest and last level is this C2 . level. This means that you can easily understand and talk about anything you hear or read.

This is how you can see if you can master level C1

If it is not enough to roughly assess your abilities and rank yourself, or you need proof of your language level at university, you can This has been verified by various testsYou are at level C1. The most common tests to check your level are:


How do you get to level C1?

According to studies, it takes from absolute beginner level to approximately C1 level 600 hours of study time. This seems like a lot at first – but all learners are different and things can go faster or slower for you. But that shouldn’t stop you! To improve your level, you can try these 3 points:

1. Incorporate language into your daily life!

For example, download one language learning app which you use on every train journey, listen to or watch the radio in your target language Netflix series Simply in the language you are learning. It is important that language surrounds you and accompanies you beyond your learning stages.

2. Talk a lot!

Recommend many multilingual Don’t wait too long to talk. Don’t feel completely confident speaking? Did not matter! At each level it is important to To search for a tandem partner Or maybe language teachers or friends who already know the language. Unfortunately, talking out loud to yourself doesn’t matter.

3. Learn specific vocabulary!

Level C1 is more than just everyday situations. That’s why it’s important to expand your vocabulary to include other topics: Politics, current affairs, or job vocabulary.

Language Level C1 Globus

C1 Level Benefits

With C1 level, you have effectively mastered a foreign language Ready for most situations. You can also speak a foreign language Understanding complex issues And frank. This means that you can also study in the foreign language. Do you want to do a master’s degree abroad, or do a semester or internship abroad? If you’re talking at a C1 level, nothing stands in the way of the whole thing!

You also stand out in your career with a C1 level: does your company have partners in America, China or perhaps Russia? By using the appropriate language skills, you are making it clear to potential employers that you Negotiating with clients or can talk to them without much effort and Building business relationships Could you. In the highly globalized world of work, this is an advantage and speaks for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is C1 language level?

Level C1 is Level level five of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and complies with a advanced level.

Is C1 a native language?

C1 describes a file Competent use of language, even with difficult topics and texts. However, it does not correspond to the level of the mother tongue.

What does C1 2 mean?

Sometimes the stages are divided again. So C1 2 is upper half of level C1.

When will I get the C1 level?

Did you get English in high school with a grade At least 12.5 points? So you officially have a C1 level.


  • C1 level describes a file Language level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • C1 level means Use competent language.
  • In order to improve your level, you must improve Your pronunciation, vocabulary and listening comprehension Training.
  • Level C1 helps you remember a file foreign university To come or make you stand out in working life.

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