7 signs that you are the right person

You just fell in love and already see your future in front of you? As long as the sky is full of violins, feelings and heads will usually turn off. But if you are considering moving to live together or even marriage, you need to make sure that the partner is the right person and that you both belong together. And until then, when the first big infatuation ends. As day-to-day life moves into each relationship, and eventually it becomes clear whether or not you fit in together.

These 7 Signs Will Tell You If He’s The Right Person

1. You agree on most things

The quarrels can be exciting at first – but if there’s a discussion or even an argument later on about everything, the relationship isn’t under a good star in the long run. You have to really be on the same page in most of the everyday things in order to be able to collaborate together. There is still plenty of room for individuality.

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2. Finance is not a problem

The point of this is that you are OK when it comes to financial management, and most importantly, that you can trust each other. If one is thrifty and the other always spends money lavishly, then a fight is inevitable. When it comes to financial matters in particular, it is very important to speak the same language so that no one feels neglected or betrayed. It is a well-known fact that friendship ends with money – and love sometimes.

3. He defends you in front of his parents

Of course, it would be great if you and his parents got along well – and of course he gets along with his future relatives. But this is not always the case. Parents and children often have different ideas about which partner is best for them. If for some reason his parents get in the way and he advocates for you and sets clear priorities, then he’s definitely the right person. On the contrary, you should, of course, do your best for it. Otherwise, you run the risk of parents interfering in the relationship over and over again and that there will always be arguments between the two of you about why the other is not supporting you.

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4. He is interested in you

There are many people who like to talk about themselves all the time and don’t even think about asking others how they are doing or what they are doing right now. A person who cares about you always makes sure that you are not neglected in all respects. Everyone has a chatty mood and needs to get something out of their chest, but it’s always a matter of balance.

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5. It’s there for you through thick and thin.

Basically it’s the tough times that show whether or not someone is really by your side. For example, in the case of long-term illnesses or personal crises. It is not uncommon for a partner to leave because “problems like this” become too stressful for him in the long run. Where is the fun in the relationship? One can only wish for a good life and that something similar may not happen to this person – and then he will definitely change his mind and desire the presence of a partner on his side who will support and give strength. Only a partner who sticks by your side even without a marriage certificate when things get tough is the right person.

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6. Involves you in all decisions

Whether it’s something you don’t really relate to or it’s a common problem, he always wants to know what you think. Once he starts to involve you in all the decisions, you know he’s the right one! By trusting your ability to make decisions, he shows how much he cares about your opinion and values ​​you.

7. He treats you like a queen

He opens the door for you, gives you flowers and small gifts, brings you breakfast in bed: Well, if that’s not winning the lottery, we don’t know what is! But it’s not just material things that are at stake – there are many ways to allow one to feel that one is the queen – and these do include the things described above. Please return this estimate, because only then is the relationship complete and equal.

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