An expensive holiday spiral: If you book fast, you can still travel cheap

Travel Experts Offer Tips: Avoid Spiraling Vacation Prices: If You Book Quickly, You Can Still Travel Low Cost

Germany is experiencing a spiral of price increases, which is also noticeable when traveling – for example with expensive airline tickets. But if you’re traveling at a flat rate, you can still avoid it. Travel experts explain why this is happening and which countries are currently cheaper than they were before Corona.

The soaring energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine do not stop at the travel industry. Because this also increases the costs of hotels and airlines. For example, Lufthansa raised ticket prices weeks ago due to higher kerosene prices.

“Lufthansa Group airlines will continue to monitor the market and competitive behavior and make appropriate adjustments if necessary,” a Lufthansa spokesperson told FOCUS Online. So it is very likely that ticket prices will continue to rise. Anyone who hasn’t booked their flights for summer vacation and is waiting longer, probably should plan a much bigger budget for it. This also applies to other airlines.

Contracts with hotels and airlines have been concluded for a long time

The situation varies with the holiday group, which includes flights as well as a hotel. Since the prices for group trips for this summer have been set for a long time: “General price increases have not yet affected our group tour offers, because contracts with hotels and airlines for the summer have already been signed. So if you book now, you can still get Good view of your favorite beach,” a Tui spokeswoman explains to FOCUS Online.

Currently there are still interesting offers for the following destinations:

Current price examples:

  • Turkey, TUI Blue Sarigerme Park, 4.5 stars, 1 week with excursion and all inclusive costs starting from 615 euros per person in a double room
  • Mallorca, Hotel Rio Bravo, 4 stars, 1 week with flight and half board from € 582 per person in a double room
  • Corfu, TUI Blue Atlantica Nissaki Beach, 4 stars, 1 week with excursion and all-inclusive costs from € 577 per person in a double room
  • Egypt, TUI Magic Life Kalawi, 4 stars, 1 week with all-inclusive trip from 873 euros per person in a double room

There are no subsequent price adjustments due to kerosene costs

However, in most cases, customers who have already booked their package leave prior to the energy price hike do not have to account for subsequent price increases due to higher kerosene costs. A spokesperson for the German Travel Association (DRV) explains: “Most tour operators in Germany cannot claim any subsequent price increases because they have removed this clause from their general terms and conditions.”

Reason: in the opposite case, the regulators will have to return the money to the customer in the event of a decrease in prices. “Adjusting the price of travel would be a huge bureaucratic effort that hardly any tour operator would want to undertake,” said DRV.

It is possible to increase the prices of purchased units later

However, the situation is different if the tour operator buys a new hotel and flight units in the future due to high demand. “In this case, the travel fares may be higher than the original fares,” DRV said. Therefore, higher prices for new units cannot be ruled out.

However, it is not possible to say with certainty whether prices will rise for all destinations in the long run due to the current situation. “Price could come down again in the long run,” explains DRV. In addition to the costs of the flight, this also depends on other factors such as the status of the reservation. This is why the travel association also advises booking as early as possible to avoid potential price increases for group trips. Especially since the number of weekly bookings is currently much higher than it was in the same period in 2019.

Last minute deals can be up to ten percent more expensive

Increased energy costs can have a negative impact on last minute items in particular. “We’ll see fewer price concessions from hoteliers over the course of the season, so fewer deals will be available,” says Tui, for example. The company continues, “Price increases for last-minute offers of up to 10 percent will not be uncommon.”

Travel prices are generally lower than they were before the epidemic

However, the overall travel prices are not higher than in previous years. According to information from DER Touristik, which owns the brands Dertour, Jahn-Reisen and Meiers Weltreisen, among others, travel prices today are lower than they were before the pandemic: “So the summer of 2022 is cheaper than the pre-corona summer of 2019 ”, As Chief Product Officer Sven Shekarski explains to FOCUS Online.
For example, the following destinations are still 20-25 percent cheaper than they were in 2019:

  • turkey
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Egypt
  • Balearic Islands

“Now vacationers get a lot more vacation for their money that way,” Shekarsky asserts. About five percent cheaper compared to summer 2021, on the other hand, are destinations in

  • Caribbean
  • and latin america

On the other hand, the goals in

  • Indian Ocean
  • in North Africa
  • in the rest of Africa
  • In the United Arab Emirates
  • as well as in Oman

More savings with early discounts

Anyone who decides to book quickly can take advantage of early booking discounts. For example, DER Touristik brands still have discounts for certain booking periods and for bookings made 90, 60, 45 or 30 days before the start of the trip. In most cases, this is a percentage of discounts or fixed amounts. The company is also ruling out a subsequent price increase for those who have already booked.

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