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Documentary film directed by Patricia Marchart and George Sabransky, FUTURE CHILDREN’S RIGHTS

I have always practiced this in my medical life in a way where it was based on evidence and now I am actually testing it for the first time in the context of the Corona pandemic, It is not evidence that sets the tone in medicine, but politiciansWho think they know how to do it, Reinhold Kerbell, Secretary General of ÖGKJ

For two years, politicians looked at children and young people exclusively from a medical and viral point of view. Described as a hazard to society, they are tested daily and must be wearing a mask. Meeting places, social contacts, school and club sports, liveliness of life, lightness of heart, and much more were taken from them. They have been labeled as vulnerable for a long time, and subjected to adult irrational fears that these are becoming deeply etched into the psyche. Measures for children and young people have never been proportionate. The damage done is many times greater than the small benefit.

I really thought we would As a society that makes children better overcome this epidemicBecause it was clear from the beginning that children, fortunately, are not directly affected by the new Corona virus, but all actions that affect children or their parents have a direct impact on children’s health and psyche. This has not been adequately internalized, has not been taken seriously and has been rejected for far too long.” says physician and health scientist Martin Springer. The movie is another milestone for the project “Children’s Rights in the Future”.

“Suicidal ideation now affects 16 per cent of all young people. A very dangerous development for me.” Reinhold Kerbell says emphatically:“We have to give the children their freedom.”

Catherine Scala, a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry, diagnoses the pathological process of parental education, in which children take on the tasks of adults.
“…Children need Normal life, they need security and They need adults to keep problems to themselves.

HA society that is afraid does not tend to be rational.”so Political scientist Ulrich Gerau. One fears that it will move smoothly to the next threat. From virus to war.

Ingrid Mülhauser, former head of the German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine, sees one “A widespread disregard for scientific norms during a pandemic”. The health world also complains about misleading risk reporting. “Politicians and the media have created fear rather than present scientifically sound information. One of the consequences of this is a massive overestimation of the risk of children becoming seriously ill from corona infection. However, the undesirable effects of disturbing reports on children’s health have not been investigated.”

Claudia Wilde, General Manager of AIHTA GmbH notes: “We have finally regressed in our development, away from the evidence towards the experts.”

another future” Created in close collaboration with well-known and committed people from science and medicine (A, D, CH) as well as many young people; So that we can talk to each other and understand each other better.

The documentary will be published on May 15, 2022 on the website www.eine-andere-zukunft.com.

With Reinhold Kerbell, Ulrike Giroud, Felix Gottwald, Claudia Wilde, Martin Springer, Catherine Scala, Arne Simon, Armin Morbach, Ingrid Mülhauser, Ralph Brinks, Manuela Macedonia, Magdalena Ioanwich, Jörg Caspargolis Strobe Martin, David and Ini Manuel Schapus, Sabine Volkel Kernstock, Oswald Haselmann, Agnes Imhoff, Gunter Hennig, Camilla Wiesenthal, Andrea Knipp-Selke, Gunter Lovett and many more children.

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Introduction to the film: https://youtu.be/r6vlyMRShBA
Trailer #Science: https://youtu.be/Vl9Qq8mFTmw
Film website: www.eine-andere-zukunft.com
Questions and contact: Verein Zukunft Kinderrechte
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