Biontech & Co: Serious side effects are more common than expected


Biontec & Co.: Eight out of every 1,000 have serious side effects

Fourth vaccination: Lauterbach skeptical

Fourth vaccination: Lauterbach skeptical

Data from Israel shows: The effect of the fourth vaccination against the Corona virus is not as effective as expected. The Minister of Health also commented on this.

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According to a new study on corona, eight out of every 1,000 people who have been vaccinated experience serious side effects. Researchers are calling for better medical care.


  • How often do serious side effects occur after a corona vaccination with Biontech, Moderna, or any other vaccine?
  • According to a new study by Charité Berlin, this is more often the case than previous reporting data from the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) indicates.
  • Serious side effects are those complications that lead to treatment
  • In most cases, most of them recover after a certain period of time

There are now nearly 180 million in Germany Vaccine doses In the fight against the Corona virus – complaints of the vast majority of cases to feed At best, about short-term vaccination reactions such as pain at the injection site or high temperature, but not about permanent side effects.

A study by Charité now shows: The number of severe cases Side effects Actually much higher than the official registration numbers. About 0.8 percent of those vaccinated complained of serious side effects — much more than the suspected serious cases reported to the responsible federal institute so far, study director Harald Mattis told MDR. Mattis is now calling for contact points for those affected.

The long-term Corona study asks specific questions

On the governmental side, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) registers and evaluates suspected cases of side effects or side effects reported in Germany Vaccination complications Regarding vaccination against Covid-19. The current PEI Safety Report covers the period from the end of December 2020 to March 2022.

During this period, 296,233 reports of suspected side effects were sent to PEI. The reporting rate for all vaccines together is 1.7 reports per 1,000 vaccine doses, for serious interactions 0.2 reports per 1,000 vaccine doses, Prince Edward Island announced on Wednesday (April 4).

The Long-term Charité study On the Safety of Covid-19 Vaccines (“ImpfSurv”) also examines the effects and side effects of different vaccines. Unlike PEI, reports are not evaluated here, but specific questions are asked: Across Germany, more than 40,000 vaccinated people are questioned at regular intervals. Study director Mattis has now explained that eight out of every 1,000 people vaccinated will have to face serious side effects.

Side Effects from Biontech and Co. The study has a broad definition of the side effects of vaccination

Definition is important: Charité study understands severe side effects All complicationsthat require medical treatment. For example, Matisse cited neurological disorders such as

According to the Charité researcher, 80 percent are cured after three to six months. “But unfortunately, there are also some that last longer,” says the researcher. Upon request, Charité announced that the study had not yet been completed.

Mattis explicitly wants the results of the study not as cash Learn about the vaccination against corona: “Vaccination makes sense, but like other vaccines, it also has its side effects.” How useful is vaccination in young people, for example: here the risk of contracting myocarditis with one person, Covid disease, is much higher than the vaccination against corona.

Basically, the results of his study were serious from the point of view Side effects Not surprising either, according to Mattis. It corresponds to what is known from other countries such as Sweden, Israel or Canada. With traditional vaccines, such as the polio or measles vaccines, the number of serious side effects is much lower. But: Corona vaccines must trigger a strong immune reaction – “it also means the immune system can walk away.”

There are no treatments yet for people with vaccine side effects

The biggest problem nowadays is above all treatment or treatment These side effects include: According to Mattis, participants in the Sharett study complained that they consulted different doctors because of their symptoms, but were often refused. “Now we also need outpatients after vaccination, just as we do for long Covid syndrome,” Mattis demanded.

There should be points of contact for people who suffer from side effects of vaccination, as it is according to specific Treatments sought for those affected. “What interests me is the awareness of the medical profession.” Neurologists, internists, and immunologists should be involved here. Treatment standards must also be agreed with health insurers – based on the model for long-term Covid treatments.

Side Effects After Biontech and Co Vaccination: Patients’ First Point of Contact

German general practitioners reacted negatively to the demands: the idea that through Establishment of outpatient clinics The care of such people is improved in any way, it is far from the reality of care. “This certainly will not help identify the very few cases of serious side effects of vaccination at an early stage,” the national president of the German Association of General Practitioners, Ulrich Wegeldt, said in this editorial.

If severe side effects of vaccination occur, outpatients and fixed structures to get rid of them. With the best will in the world, it is not clear what role specialized ambulances are supposed to play. “The supply isn’t going to get any better if you keep fragmenting it,” Wiggledt says.

It should be the first point of contact for those affected by the side effects of vaccination family doctor Or be a family doctor. “They have usually known their patients for a long time and can better assess symptoms against a background of other potential illnesses rather than just looking at symptoms separately.”

Patients who complain of persistent side effects after a corona vaccination can report them at

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