Four wounded in shooting at Altmarkt in Duisburg-Hamborn

More than 100 participants from the clan and rock environment attacked each other in Duisburg on Wednesday night. Four were wounded by fire.

In a shootout Hambourn Altmarket Four people were injured in north Duisburg on Wednesday evening. Police reported that eyewitnesses alerted the police after two groups of men apparently clashed over the use of firearms – including live weapons.

“The motive behind the dispute is not yet clear,” the police and the public prosecutor’s office in Duisburg said Thursday night. The homicide commission began an investigation.

Dispute between two groups: several shots fired

According to the police, several shots were fired, and bursts were also fired, a spokesman said Thursday morning when asked. When the first police forces arrived, many of those involved fled. Police said two wounded people were taken by ambulance to hospitals. Two of the refugees later sought medical treatment. According to police, the gunshot wounds were said to be serious but most likely not life-threatening, the spokesperson said.

The police temporarily arrested 15 people. To secure evidence, the police said, the fire brigade lit the crime scene with torches.

More than 100 participants? Save a lot when the police arrived

The monitoring center initially confirmed an operation that resulted in four injuries and a crowd of people around 8:40 pm on Wednesday. The crime scene is said to be in a bakery area in Richterstrasse, according to information from this editorial team. People involved in the conflict were shot there. Police said events later were “dynamic”.

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Police said that, according to witnesses, more than 100 people may have gathered at the Hamburger Altmarkt. There was talk of up to 200 people, and police were unable to confirm the number Thursday morning.

Suddenly people showed up at the Hamburger Altmarkt on Wednesday evening and then attacked each other. Police said the situation was said to be confusing. A police spokesman said Thursday morning that the altercation lasted a few minutes. The spokesman said many of those involved eventually attacked a kebab shop on Harnack Street, smashing furniture and destroying the shop window.

Duisburg-Hamborn police operation: hail of shots can be heard on online videos

Several of the footage can be heard on a video circulating on Twitter, among other places. According to eyewitnesses, several shell casings fell on the asphalt. At the same time, meetings were said to have taken place in other cities in the Ruhr region, such as Essen and Oberhausen, a police spokesman said in the morning. In the end, no connection was revealed and there may not have been any incidents, the spokesman said.

The police are monitoring the wounded, who have been taken to nearby hospitals.

Police: Participants from the rock and clan environment

A police spokesman said in the morning that those involved should belong to the rock and clan environment. He did not give details. She added that there were “overlaps” in the detainees’ case. “We have identified the people who can be assigned to the groups,” police spokesman Stefan Hausch confirmed in the evening.

Duisburg’s new police chief and acclaimed clan expert Alexandre Derselhuis interrupted his work trip to a conference of German police chiefs when he heard of the incident and wants to comment on Thursday.

SEK mission: Police forces stormed an apartment building on the outskirts of Moers

Police said an assessment of the effects was still underway. He said there were other operations in the area: “Only a few slept with us that night.” Police in Hamburne secured the tracks until early morning. Operational forces have also been deployed to the surrounding towns in connection with the Hamborn shooting.

The spokesman confirmed that the special police force stormed a separate house in Duisburg, on the outskirts of the city of Moers, at about 3 a.m. in search of the shooter. The house was searched but no one was found.

Police are looking for witnesses and more crime videos

Witnesses who can provide information relevant to the crime or persons involved are asked to contact the Criminal Police at 0203/280-0. Photographs or video recordings taken during or after the crime are of particular interest to investigators.

In March 2018, there was already a collective dispute over the Altmarkt in Hamborn. The police managed to prevent worse things from happening at the time. 50 people will face each other. Among other things, a machete and other weapons were found with them.

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