‘Good Mood Club’: Terrorism of Trash TV in Thailand

Updated 05/05/2022 06:54

Welcome to the Good Mood Club. At first glance, what looks a bit like a holiday club nursery for German tourists in the Dominican Republic is actually Saturday 1’s response to the “Celebrities Under the Palms” disaster of the past few years.

While “Celebrities under Palm Trees” is now official learning material for prospective psychoanalysts in the field of “toxic behaviour”, the “good mood club” (for practical reasons and because the author is quite lazy to write, we will call the format CDGL from now on) aims To be a part of collective love. On paper, the odds are good, because frontier intellectuals like Bastian Utah or Prince Markus von Anhalt have not traveled to Thailand. At first glance, some of the champions of the CDGL group appear as if they believe that Thailand is the country where the Thai break, which has become so popular in tennis, was invented.

However, the line-up, such as cosmopolitans who like to flaunt Thomas Hayo Academy Anglicisms to Denglish, are pretty cool for a debut season. At least if you’re friends with trash TV entertainment. Also there were: Cora Schumacher, Mark Terenzi, Martin Semmelroge, Julian FM Stückel, Vanessa Mariposa, Lorenz Bovel, Jenny Elvers, Sebastian Fobe, Theresia Fischer, Iris Appel and Joy Hendel. If you will, the last 14 years of jungle camp have progressed fast.

Heindle also starts right away and explains to the audience that they “landed here in the A-Celebrity format.” In fact, the letter A appears 12 times in the names of eleven candidates. As expected from A-listers, the premise with a short set of scenes to follow in the next three hours already ensures that the super-reality average’s mouth drools even before the opening credits are over. Heels burps, it’s about cock sizes, sex shops, big asses, vomits, bitches, Cora Schumacher shoves her breasts in someone’s face.

You don’t have to be 11 friends

For all those who, unfortunately, have always had other plans on short notice in recent years when “Promi Big Brother” or “IBES – The hour after” was running and haven’t yet had access to a “Promiflash” subscription, here’s a look Brief overview of candidates fighting for broadcast, Instagram followers, sheriff’s exemption and €50,000:

  • Theresa Fisher: It became known when she married her boyfriend who was almost fifty years her senior, much to the horror of Thomas Gottschalk, as she lives in the finale of “The Next German Supermodel”. She was even talking to her about the marmot Herbert for Backup, who nearly drowned while filming underwater for the 14th GNTM season. It now has a nose loop so it can be better dragged across the street loop.
  • Julian FM Stockel: Germany’s only real TV singer. He, his friends, and Olivia Jones named him Die Stöckel. Make the turban socially acceptable again. I really respect that he still bothered to make money from TV jobs. As the inventor of the famous high-heeled footwear, he is more than financially secure. Stockl and I will soon be making the red carpets of Fashion Week insecure together. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Joy Hendel: The Jungle King from 2013 and “Celebrity Big Brother” Viceroy from 2019 released a new song just in time to start broadcasting, which I thought was called “Herzdöner” after hearing it for the first time. Shortly before I wanted to give him the Golden Clemens Tönnies Commemorative Order on a tape glorifying rotten meat from factory farming, he explained to me that the song was called “Herz Donner.”
  • Iris Abel: Feuilleton readers know the great love of “Celebrity Big Brother” Uwe Abel (currently, according to the gossip press, may have been separated) from “Bauer sucht Frau”, using the artist’s name “Schweinebauer Uwe”, which was a major problem for vegetarians in the That time the husband fell in love.
  • Jenny Elvers: She actually walked in Til Schweiger without bottoms and can glimpse an eventful run between Heiner Lauterbach, “Playboy” and “Let’s Dance”. There have been rumors for decades that she was having an affair with Jan Vetter when she was young Queen Heather in her hometown of Amlinghausen. Vetter later became well known and very wealthy under the pseudonym Farin Urlaub and his band Die Ärzte.
  • Sebastian Fobe: Ah yes?
  • Cora Schumacher: Nomen es omen, as we say in Latin. Ralph Schumacher’s ex-wife has a similar glamorous TV past as Joey Heindle, but thanks to a generous divorce arrangement, she has far more pension reserves. They say she has millions more in the bank than tattoos in the bank. As an ancient symbol of motorsports, it has also been regularly discontinued and replaced with a number of worn parts.
  • Laurens Buffalo: You know it first of all when you are drunk singing along to the song “Johnny Dab” in Upper Bavaria in Mallorca. The script contains exactly two words and consists mainly of a four-minute repetition of the words “Johnny” and “Dab”, possibly a reference to an American actor who has a lot in common with Buffalo in terms of appearance and talent such as Albert Einstein and Joey Hendel. Exactly: Hendel can sing better.
  • Vanessa Mariposa: See Sebastian Fobe.
  • Mark Terenzi: He was once married to Sarah Connor and then had more famous D relationships than Robert Lewandowski who scored goals for Bayern Munich. Among them is Gina Lisa Lohvink or currently (aha) Jenny Elvers. But his only true love is said to be singer Jay Khan, with whom he recently formed a new boy band whose name I forgot. So at the age of 44 – very brave. Well, Terenzi is 44, not me.
  • Martin Simlrog: When the sound-centric actor became known worldwide with “Das Boot” in 1981, the majority of other CDGL participants had not yet been born. After some well-thought-out moderate actions in his private life, Semmelrogge has been repeatedly convicted of traffic offenses, drug possession and shoplifting. His attempt to get back as the Robin Hood of garden furniture failed when he stole patio chairs and tables from his friend Uwe Ochsenknecht, but put them not on the porch for the poor but for himself.

let the games begin

To set the mood, there are direct and challenging loyalty statements for the viewer. Mark Terenzi admits he almost killed himself with his former rock career. It seems that shortly thereafter he decided to bury only the musical taste buds of his fans. Cora Schumacher opens her intercourse diary and reports on “Bums-Buben” and “Knatter-Knaben”, which she is now going through. In the triple alliteration package, I forgot about the “rambling bullies,” but Saturday’s audience 1 is generous: rumble or ding, it doesn’t matter – the main thing is the genitals. For CDGL, she wishes “something to have sex, something to mind and something funny”. But of course, these are three wishes at the same time. Meanwhile, at home with Ralf Schumacher in front of the TV, the level of foreign shame likely got off the curve faster than his car in his last Formula 1 victory in 2003 in France.

Heels adored Vanessa Mariposa. Saturday 1 concludes the second part of his sentence “She is an incredibly beautiful woman,” which was “almost as beautiful as Marie von den Behnken.” Advertising is out. Perhaps it was due to limited broadcast time. After all, Stöckel must also moderate Martin Simlrog, because the young people in the CDGL crew don’t know the “Bang Boom Bang” star: “He’s a really cool actor.” Where: Semmelrogge has a height of 1.67 metres. Only between us: even Matthias Schweigofer (1.80 metres) is taller.

Mark Terenzi dressed as a dog wins his first club game at Party Village for refusing bankruptcy. Keep track of all the other embarrassments in Challenge mode without any other key insights. Perhaps apart from the fact that Tutankhamun’s brilliance Stockle gets his “wet vagina” in the pool. Piglet. On the other hand, Joy Hendel doubts that you should complete a water parkour “like an anaconda cracking through the desert!” Regardless of the fact that anacondas are more likely to be found in tropical waters than in the desert, and that the only snake in CDGL is supposed to be Cora Schumacher: Really, Joey, the scale creatures on crack?

At the end, there’s a final poolside exit as Prince Charming’s tattoo makers Kouta squabble out of jealousy. Martin Semmelrogge, Iris Abel and the first pool to win pool nominated Cora, Stöckel, Vanessa, Sebastian and Joey made Heidi Klum get the Iris chip with 3:2 votes from the race.

Missing without excuse for the entire 180 minutes in a tormented panic that Theresia Fisher’s hysterically speaking badger could consistently receive a longer speaking part, as full-bodied Jenny Elvers announced on Saturday 1. Is he hidden in a mascot costume, which looks like a mixture of Teletubbie, Orange, Sun King Ludwig and for some reason always standing in the picture like a lost tourist? Anyway, next week, as you can see from next Wednesday’s teaser, you’ll be there. It guarantees a temperamental temperature well below freezing for Cora Schumacher, who sets a new rival to her love interest Mark Terenzi. Drama, drama, drama – and I’m there for you! See you soon!

Theresa Fisher, a former candidate for the World Patriotic Movement, is running long legs. About six years ago, the influencer tightened her thighs, and now she’s doing the lower part of her legs. She has now revealed how the model can walk while extending her leg.

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