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At Reisetopia, we are a young team with a passion for travel. As we bring you the latest news from the travel industry plus deals, reviews and guides every day, we’d like to introduce ourselves to you in more detail! In the series How I Came to Travel, each author in Germany, Switzerland and France offers you very individual insights into their history.

I’ve been part of the Reisetopia team for a good month. As a working student, I support Anna’s content area as editor. In my job, after my first news of and, the time has come and I will tell you how I got into travel. My passion is flying. Of course, travel is an obvious choice. But it’s not just the journey to my destination that excites me to travel. Let me tell you more:

My first years of travel

Unfortunately, I can’t remember my first flight nor my first flight. But with my family I was allowed to travel to destinations like Sardinia, southern France and the Canary Islands in my early childhood. The magic has already begun on the way to the vacation – the one-way trip. I would not have imagined that such a large machine is actually in the sky, it can fly and you can travel from A to B in so short a time. The cities below looked like little buildings and the clouds were cotton candy.

Cape Town Table Mountain Cape Town Table Mountain
View from Table Mountain in Cape Town

I was allowed to take my first long-haul flight at the age of twelve. We took an Airbus A340-600 from South African Airways via Johannesburg to Cape Town, where I was able to spend a week in a winery with my family. We looked at the area around Cape Town and climbed Table Mountain. Not only the new country, but also the trip itself was a highlight. I was fascinated by the aircraft, which is over 75 meters long and the four engines. I got excited about flying. To this day, the quadcopter is one of my favorite aircraft. Unfortunately, it is rarely seen in the sky.

Air China A330
With an Airbus A330 we went to Beijing

In 2015 I received my first real “culture shock”. I was allowed to participate in my school’s Chinese exchange program and live for two weeks in a culture that was new to me. For the teenager, the time was very descriptive and exciting as everything was strange and new. I got a glimpse of a completely different lifestyle and tried dishes somewhat unusual for the European stomach. During the fun time, I realized a lot and increased my attraction to travel. Next, I wanted to see more different cultures and countries, and talk to people who experience the kitchen and understand the different ways of life. That’s why I couldn’t resist running away from high school and flying away.

After school I had to go out into the world

The Abitur exams were passed and I had no more obligations. It was clear to me that I had to go out into the world now. So I decided to fly away. At first I was very excited and also nervous because I was doing the first part of my trip on my own. At first we went to Bangkok and then to Singapore. The heat, the noise, the humidity – another culture shock for me. But here, too, she pleaded with me to see how people in Southeast Asian countries live and master their daily lives. After leaving Singapore for Australia, it immediately became clear to me that I had to go to Singapore again. The city has become one of my favorite travel destinations. After nearly a month in Melbourne, where I was able to improve my English at a school, the second part of my journey began: New Zealand.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand

A companion from my homeland accompanied me to the second part of the trip. We arrived in Auckland planning our route through kiwi land. After a great domestic flight with Air New Zealand, we discovered the country’s natural wonders and traveled from place to place. After our tour of New Zealand, we boarded the plane again in Auckland and departed for the final destinations of our trip – Hong Kong and Macau. I think you can compare the special administrative regions of China. But things went differently. Hong Kong and Macau both have their own culture and history. After the last leg, we came home with Singapore Airlines and an Airbus A380. One of the best airlines I’ve flown with so far. I arrived in Germany, and started my studies in 2019. However, this has nothing to do with tourism and travel. I will (hopefully) complete my industrial engineering degree in the next semester.

Mexico and the beginning of Reisetopia

It was my biggest and most descriptive experience abroad so far this past winter. The internship was required for study reasons. But instead of completing it in Germany, I wanted to get out into the wide world again. I had the opportunity to do my training in Mexico. Without hesitation I said yes and did not regret a second. Experiencing the country and its people day in and day out in six months is something very different than a one- to two-week trip. I was able to experience and savor the culture in all its aspects – the tacos and guacamole are great. Of course, in addition to my work, I also traveled around the country and saw all kinds of places. But due to the sheer size of the country, it took a long time to finish. This means that I will likely have to fly a few times to see more fun places and meet my Mexican friends.

Zocalo Mexico City CDMX
Zocalo – main square in Mexico City

After returning to Germany, I realized that I had to intensively pursue my passion – travel. That’s why I applied to Reisetopia as a job changer. Lo and behold, reisetopia also gives potential engineers the opportunity to develop further in new sectors and support the content team as editor.

I have to travel – preferably luxury

I can’t explain it, but I always feel the attraction of being on the road and discovering new things. Each country has its own culture, history, and peculiarities. Getting a glimpse into different lifestyles makes it fun for me and is the reason why my passion for wanderlust can never be stopped. Because you can learn from every culture and every person and take something with you for your own life.

Tacos and quesadillas 169
Tacos and quesadillas in Celaya, Mexico

As a “foodie,” I obviously have to try my way through different eating habits. It can be delicious, like your daily taco meal in Mexico, or interesting, like chicken blood jelly in China. However, in the end, it is the experiences that you take with you that enrich yourself in yourself. After traveling to 45 countries so far, it’s not over yet – the desire to travel stays in my blood. In the future, traveling would be more fun if you could swap a dormitory in a hostel for a suite in a 5-star hotel. Thanks to tips and tricks from Reisetopia, it’s not that difficult. So why not go on vacation in business class next time?

Centurion Lounge in Mexico City
Centurion Lounge at Mexico City Airport

I haven’t used my Business Class Points and Miles yet, but I enjoy checking into the lounge at almost all airports. The Platinum Card gives me access to many lounges. In addition to the Priority Pass lounges, I also enjoyed some of the Centurion lounges. During my trip to Germany, I was able to fortify myself with pasta and a glass of good wine at the Centurion Lounge in Mexico City.

What is waiting for you

You can keep seeing me on the reisetopia editorial team until I graduate. I am currently writing news on the content team – of course the focus here is on aviation topics – but in the near future I would like to expand my personal portfolio and also write hotel news, reviews, guides and these areas at Reisetopia, as much as my time as a student allows, support.

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