Hummelburg shots: a farewell evening

Waples Hammelburg – BadenVolleys SSC Karlsruhe (Saturday, 8 p.m.)

On this evening of all days, on the evening of farewell, someone will be missing: captain Oskar Beiner is in quarantine due to infection with the Corona virus and cannot say goodbye to the Hamburg fans in the match against Karlsruhe. But others are there.

“Of course, it is very bitter,” said team manager Uli Wendt of the loss of the player who formed the team of Hamelburg so unparalleled. “Oscar has lived in the Bundesliga all the years, he was a fusion personality, quality, friend and a leading player.”

Boehner’s absence is almost an example of a season that hasn’t been challenging just because of Corona. “Despite having several players injured and being out of corona for about four weeks, the team has come close again,” says the other team’s manager, Frank Jansen, looking back.

Although Schwaig and Mimmenhausen are runners-up, “we’re playing at the top again this season and are looking forward to an evening of atmospheric volleyball,” Jansen says. “Everyone in the hall, everyone in light blue” was the slogan of club officials and they hope local fans will choose their outfits accordingly. There is no longer a viewer limit and mask-wearing is optional.

Atmosphere must be

In addition, match-day planners also came up with a point or two of highlights. And what sets the cake is that Karlsruhe, of all people and by chance, is the newly crowned champion team coming into the hall. But sport is one thing this evening. In fact, it will be the last appearances in the TV/DJK jerseys for a total of five players and the coaching duo, “even if some of the boys are still sick and won’t be able to play,” Wundt said.

In addition to Oscar Beiner, who first wants to focus on his career, Moritz Zeitler, Hans Krochmann, Luca Dirks and Laurentio Venatoro will leave the team. “You can tell thousands of stories about each of these players,” says Wendt, who will say goodbye to the players after the match and try to sum them up in one sentence: “We are going to the friends we grew up smitten with and who played such a big part in the game that helped write the history of the Bundesliga in Hamburg. But where are the players heading, and who is going to leave a huge gap, both personally and in sport?

Moritz Zeitler, who has been playing in Hamburg for four seasons, will start a double master at car manufacturer Audi in Ingolstadt. “It was a very exciting time in Hamburg, as we have grown together as a team over the years, especially at the point where the original Hamburger team left the team,” says the 27-year-old. “He has evolved over the years to become an emotional and athletic leader,” says Ole Wendt.

But in the case of Laurentiu Vinatoru, the double burden of the Bundesliga volleyball and his professional activism have left their mark this season. However, he will still be available to the club as a youth coach. “Lau has indicated to us that he will step in as a substitute for our future Bundesliga team at any time,” says Frank Jansen gratefully.

Injuries and lane changes

For Luca Dirks, the focus is on studying and preparing for the state exam. “It was a great time in Hammelburg. Unfortunately, I had a lot of injuries in the past, which repeatedly forced me to take longer breaks. Of course, I will miss our home games in the living room in front of the best crowd in the league,” says the middle eyebrow, who came To Saale four years ago with Nils Rehmeier and Hannes Krochmann.

“Luka is a prime example of our concept of bringing talented young volleyball players to Hamburg, who are studying here and developing into seasoned Bundesliga players here,” Wendt said.

The last of the group is Hannes Krochmann, who finished his mathematical studies in Würzburg and now wants to start school and become a teacher. “Unfortunately, there is no such mixture of themes in Würzburg,” says the Hamburg manager, who will certainly continue to appear elsewhere in the second Bundesliga.

Walter and Rust also say goodbye

After a year with the Volleys, Hamburg head coach Thiago Welter will initially focus on his career development. After completing his master’s thesis, the Brazilian is about to start his entire career. In general, like the whole club, the coach moved in a difficult environment, but, despite all the adverse conditions, he and his team managed to play in the runner-up tournament for a long time.

“Of course it is a pity that we did not have enough air in the end, but of course all the teams suffered from Corona. However, I am proud of the boys, who have all developed further and now I am looking forward to a great end to the season against the deserving champion Karlsruhe.”

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