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With the onset of the travel season, hygiene expert Sagrotan launches a new product. Sagrotan Hand Foam also disinfects your hands on the go in an uncomplicated, hygienically clean way and removes 99.9 percent of encapsulated bacteria and viruses. Due to its practicality, Sagrotan hand foam is not only a reliable travel companion on vacation, but also ensures hygienic hygiene in everyday life and on the go.

The first vacationers returned from the Easter holidays and opened the season for travel by plane, train or car. At the start of the holiday and travel season, Sagrotan, the premier disinfection expert*, has a new practical hygiene assistant that fits easily in handbags and in every bag. Sagrotan Antiseptic Hand Foam comes in 50ml size, so it is not only suitable for a travel companion, but also hygienically sanitizes hands in everyday life when you are outside and when soap and water are not at hand.

Hygienic on the go

Whether we are traveling or on the way to the office, our hands come into contact with many germs such as bacteria and viruses every day. Since there are not always opportunities to wash hands thoroughly on the road, the compact form of Sagrotan Antiseptic Hand Foam is a reliable alternative to hand hygiene in between. The application is uncomplicated: simply apply a small amount of foam to hands and wrists, rub for 30 seconds and leave to act – for reliable and hygienic hands cleaning without soap and water.

In addition to the handy travel size, Sagrotan Antiseptic Hand Foam offers other benefits: Like all Sagrotan sanitizing products, the new Sagrotan Hand Foam also removes 99.9 percent of enveloped bacteria and viruses, and is effective against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and viruses. flu. This trusted sanitizing hand foam formula is dermatologist tested and has a pleasant, hydrating apple scent.

Plus, the new hand foam doesn’t contain any alcohol and instead keeps your hands hygienically clean with potent lactic acid. Thus, the practical disinfection assistant is also suitable for children from one year of age, who touch a lot of things contaminated with enveloped bacteria and viruses, especially when they are outside. Whether it’s on large or small hands, the new Sagrotan Antiseptic Hand Foamer is non-sticky and leaves a fresh, clean feel on the skin.

Experienced cleansing

Sagrotan is the premier cleanser* and can refer back to 100 years of experience. “Our products have been tested and tested by the daily helpers of millions of Germans, and we are proud to be able to continually expand our range thanks to our many years of hygiene experience,” says Sera Bicak, DACH Nordics Regional Director of Reckitt’s Hygiene. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen that consumers’ awareness of hygiene has grown and that demand for reliable hygienic solutions is also increasing while on the go. Sagrotan protects when it matters most: With our new foaming hand sanitizer, we have a little daily helper that disinfects reliably and hygienically, especially on the go. We are pleased that we can also make hand hygiene possible with our products while traveling and in everyday life, when soap and water are not available.”

By the way, May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day – a welcome occasion to include the new Sagrotan Antiseptic Hand Foam in your home hygiene kit.

*no. No. 1 sales market share of surface disinfection according to Nielsen since 2006

Use biocidal products carefully. Read label and product information before use.

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