“Maddy” McCann case: Investigators find new evidence against Christian B.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
Is Christian B getting tight now? Prosecutor talks about ‘new evidence’ in the Madi case

Madeleine “Maddy” McCann, missing since 2007, and Christian B. , the suspect by the public prosecutor in Braunschweig,

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‘We found some new facts’ – In the Madeleine “Maddy” McCann case, the public prosecutor in Braunschweig believes more than ever that suspect Christian B. responsible for the disappearance of the girl. But investigators dampened hopes of a speedy indictment.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Braunschweig claims to have new evidence that Christian B. He is responsible for the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann 15 years ago.

“Investigations are underway and we have found some new facts and some new evidence,” the French news agency quoted the responsible public prosecutor, Hans Christian Walters, as saying in an interview with Portuguese television station CMTV on Tuesday evening. The investigator did not provide any details.

Walters did not respond to reports in the British media of finding traces of fibers from the girl’s pajamas from the night of the 45-year-old German woman’s disappearance in a minibus. However, when asked if he could deny finding something belonging to Madeleine in the car, the prosecutor said openly: “I don’t want to deny that.”

Volkswagen T3 camper bus

According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, Christian B was traveling in the Algarve with his Volkswagen T3 van when Madeleine McCann went missing.

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In the English-language interview, Walters was convinced of the crime of Christian B: “We are sure that he murdered Madeleine McCann.” “Christian B has no excuse,” he added.

What is Christian B. With the disappearance of “Maddy”?

German investigators went public about two years ago to provide information about their murder investigations against Christian B. Walters said at the time that there was “physical evidence” of the girl’s death. According to the findings of investigators, the suspect was living in the Portuguese Algarve at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance, and was accused by several witnesses. The girl disappeared without a trace from her parents’ apartment there in 2007. The worldwide hunt was unsuccessful.

Christian B. He has a criminal record for child abuse and other crimes. He is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, for the rape of a 72-year-old woman in Portugal. Meanwhile, the southern European country’s public prosecutor’s office has formally charged him with murder – allegedly preventing a possible statute of limitations there. But: “The fact that Christian B. is listed as a suspect in Portugal shows that we are not on the wrong track,” Attorney General Walters said in a TV interview on the latest developments.

It remains unclear whether charges will be brought against Christian B. “The investigations will take some time,” Walters said in an interview with North German Radio. Accordingly, the suspect is still under investigation on suspicion of other criminal offences.

B’s defense has repeatedly maintained in the past that her client has not commented on the allegations in the Madeleine McCann case, and there has been no access to the files to date. Until a possible indictment, B remains innocent of the girl’s alleged death.

The investigative authorities are still dependent on the assistance of the population to be able to clarify Madeleine’s disappearance. On the website of the Federal Criminal Police Office you will find more information about the case and you can read questions from the investigating authorities – including an important mobile phone number.

Why is the star showing a picture of Christian B.

The press law and the journalistic duty of care only allow the publication of photographs or the full names of suspects under certain circumstances. In the case of Christian B, these are in my opinion star-Version not before: So far there is no clear evidence or even ruling that B is Madeleine’s killer. The suspect is currently in custody for another crime and is therefore on his way to social rehabilitation – this goal may conflict with the publication of the pixelated image if the 45-year-old’s suspicions are not confirmed.

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