Metaverse teasers: Microsoft pulls ripcord

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The Meta had to come under a lot of criticism for its Metaverse moderation. Microsoft wants to avoid similar controversies and is now taking action.

Alex Kipman, Microsoft’s President of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, today announced sweeping changes to its Metaverse platform, AltspaceVR, with the goal of increasing user security.

The following changes apply immediately:

  • The Social hubs will be closed completely. Social hubs are the public and largely unmoderated playgrounds of the Metaverse platform, where you can meet and get to know other users without prior appointment.
  • The security bubbleWhich prevents other avatars from invading private parts, is now turned on by default.
  • Anyone who attends an event will now be muted.

In the coming weeks, Microsoft plans to implement the following:

  • The age classification Events should be improved and moderation generally strengthened.
  • In the future, users will register a file Microsoft account Need to login.
  • want the company Age-related control mechanisms Inclusion, which parents can grant and restrict access to AltspaceVR for children and youth over the age of 13.

Microsoft wants to put metaverse guidelines

On the AltspaceVR blog, Kipman explains the stringent measures “As platforms like AltspaceVR evolve, it is important to look at the current offering and see if it meets the needs of customers today and in the future,” Kipman writes. This includes helping people connect better with people who have the same interest, while ensuring spaces they can access Free from inappropriate behavior and harassment be.”

Everyone should feel safe on platforms like AltspaceVR, which is why Microsoft has a responsibility to “create firewalls,” says Kipman. He describes AltspaceVR as “a building block for the future of the Metaverse”.


Microsoft responds proactively

The security measures come in response to criticism and scandals surrounding the Meta Horizon Worlds platform, which was launched in the US and Canada at the end of 2021. Users have reported physical harassment and abusive behavior, some of which have not been punished.

Meta responded to the first by entering a personal security area. However, it’s not clear how Meta intends to prevent inappropriate behavior, given that 3D rooms raise entirely new moderation issues. With Ban and Monitoring The problem can only be partially solved. According to user reports, Meta currently appears to be not interfering further and is hoping to solve the same issue by muting users or blocking each other.

Microsoft wants to at least mitigate these issues by turning off public Metaverse rooms and enabling the security bubble by default.

The introduction of oversight mechanisms to protect children and young people is also due to negative press: a few weeks ago, the Guardian reported that the UK Data Protection Authority wanted to call the ICO Meta. Reason: Meta Quest 2 VR glasses must provide insufficient protection and expose children to dangerous content, especially in the Metaverse.

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