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War, hunger and corona are the worst attacks of fever in our dangerous present. On her show “Woche,” talk show host Sandra Meischberger invites higher-end perspectives to a barrage of mist on the information front.


Jim Ozdemir (56, green). The Minister of Agriculture is one of the three most popular politicians. His concern: “Putin is using the grain shortage as a weapon!”

Anthony Fauci (81). “Classic herd immunity is no longer possible, nor is it necessary,” said the immunologist and US presidential adviser. He’s calling from Washington.

Frank Ulrich Montgomery (69). The President of the World Medical Association has long warned: “The number of deaths will rise again!”

Hannah Betheky (41). The journalist (“Neue Zürcher Zeitung”) blasphemes that the word printed in the press has a different weight than the word spoken on a talk show. ooh!

Sasha Lobo (46). The columnist (“Spiegel”) responded with an “open letter” from Alice Schwarzer and Friends to the Chancellor with an “open counter letter”.

Theo Col (64). Studio head ZDF Capital locates Putin “between Napoleon and a gas wholesaler”.

Three makers and three opinion makers. Who gets the most points? Zoff-O-Meter Account.

The most surprising protection aid

“Politically, I’m more green and red with liberal touches,” I beat Spiegel-Lobo at first, “so I didn’t miss the chance to pick Mr. Merz.”

But now he is praising the opposition leader’s trip to Ukraine as an “important symbol”. And: “It’s always self-expression and an election campaign at the same time.” His general verdict: “That was a real move.”

Zoff-O-Meter starts working

When it comes to Steinmeier, too, the Spiegel man holds the red Iroquois comb stud upright. Colleague Bethke sees Kyiv’s difficult decision to slow down the federal president’s PR campaign as “endless” and “a great insult”. On the other hand, Lobo prefers to intervene in the case of the Ukrainian ambassador, who has been the subject of fierce hostility ever since.

The columnist says that the fact that Andrei Melnik is behaving “too bluntly” has something to do “with the fact that people in Germany have made themselves very comfortable for a long time and have been frankly courting Russia. And Mr. Steinmeier was there too.” “Boom!

Most Definitive Rating

About the embarrassing background of the scandal, says the Spiegel man: “I can understand that you are not entirely excited when someone wants to cling to the Polish president, and that he is not welcome with open arms!”

Lupus’ second accusation: “Honestly, I think it was a very weak reaction from Olaf Schultz! It was called ‘liver insulting.’ He could barely hide smiles all over.

ugliest criticism

“I cannot understand this insult,” storms from under the Iroquois. “I find it absolutely unsupervised. As a chancellor, you really have to stand up to her, or else there will be some funny chatter we Germans, where she will say: For God’s sake, our holy Federal President!”

Lobo’s urgent recommendation: “I believe that in such an unbelievable situation as Ukraine has to endure, such patriotic sensibilities can simply be swallowed up in style.” There is initial applause for that.

Sacha Lobo is a columnist at Foto: ARD

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Sacha Lobo is a columnist for Spiegel.Photo: ARD

strongest accusation

ZDF-Koll also rated Melnyk’s irresistible desire to be annoying positively: “as a strategy that creates maximum pressure to help.”

That still isn’t enough for the Spiegel columnist: “By relying on Russian energy, Germany helped put Russia in a position to launch such an aggressive war in the first place,” he says.

clearer edge

Lobo asked clear: “I take the fact that the concerns of Eastern Europeans have been ignored for years, also by Mr. Steinmeier, unfortunately, as a liability which in fact means that we must now help Ukraine.” And a little further than it is now.”

With ‘this ambassador, who is said to be very controversial’, one has to add: ‘Olav Schultz has always reacted very hesitantly. I think that without the debate initiated by Mr. Melnyk, which he raised to a completely different volume of voice, decisions would not have been made on the this way.” Editorial!

Most emotional memories

Özdemir was introduced by the talk show host as “The Minister of Agriculture has the spirit of foreign policy.” The ARD clip wants to prove it with a quote: “You can’t stop genocide with a yoga mat in your hand,” the Green Party tweeted in 2019 about ISIS terrorism against the Kurds in Syria.

The minister makes it clear that he was first exposed to the Bosnian genocide in the early 1990s. I was in Sarajevo. They (the Serbs) sat upstairs, drank alcohol, and when the civilians (mostly Muslims) came to the city, they shot them.”

The most painful realization

“unarmed!” Ozdemir is still angry after many years and raises his hands accusingly: “And we, as Europeans, said that you have to negotiate!”

“Negotiations between a heavily armed army and a largely unarmed people!” Greens shouted. “Since then, it has dawned on me that there are certain exceptional situations where you take sides when you say: strong and weak, killer and victim have to make it clear among themselves.”

The most reasonable explanation

According to the minister, even in the first peace demonstrations that he participated in at the age of fifteen in the eighties, he remarked: “You cannot be against the missiles of the West, but you can be silent about the missiles of the East.”

Ozdemir alternatives to Ukraine: “First: you interfere yourself. Then you become a war party. Second, you help Ukraine defend itself. If you say no to both, you say yes to killing, in which case it is almost genocide!”

Clarify verbal criticism

In the direction of those who understand Putin, Ozdemir says mildly: “I do not want to scold those who say: We have revised our position there.” But the minister said with a nice sarcasm: “It would be useful if they did not.” I wouldn’t say “we”. I think the German word means: ‘I’, so I was wrong.

Maischberger wants to know if this is directed at the federal president. The minister does not want to say it directly, but the general rule is: “The word ‘we’ has replaced the word ‘I’.” Suits!

Presenter Sandra Meißberger in conversation with Cem OzdemirFoto: ARD

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Presenter Sandra Meißberger in conversation with Cem OzdemirPhoto: ARD

A crucial question for the evening

Then the talk show host asked directly: “How did Putin stop?” Ozdemir does not bat an eyelid: “By strengthening Ukraine to the point where it can defend itself!”

“At the same time, we are hitting Russia so hard that people there feel that the crimes committed in Ukraine have a price,” the minister continued. To include Putin in his calculations and his power base: there will be no victory there! “

The most optimistic prognosis

“When will we finally begin to listen to the dictators when they say what they are planning?” Ozdemir asks angrily and writes on his hands.

But then he predicts: “All Putin’s calculations will fail. The opposite will happen. It is clear that he believed in his propaganda.”

The most urgent reminder

In response to the fear of inflation and empty shelves, the minister pleads: “Don’t hoard! No hamster! If you do that, you help raise prices even more!”

In addition, despite being a vegetarian, he wanted to “give animal husbandry a future.” But don’t feed them too many grains and certainly don’t burn them. His catchy formula: “If the alternative is: tank, trough, or plate, for me: plate first!” There is applause for that, too.

The most appropriate praise

After a video clip with the Minister of Health warning of the “killer corona” in the fall, Lobo praised: “Word is wonderful!”

Because, according to the columnist: “We have noted that the public can obviously only deal with one big issue at a time. The epidemic ended the moment Ukraine invaded. If Herr Lauterbach wants to pass, he has to beat the drum!”

Most knowledgeable comments

Presidential advisor Fauci is online from Washington. He is “not too optimistic” about the fall, he downplays it and advises: “Vaccinate ASAP!”

Montgomery also has little new to offer, grumbling about the “Liberty Day noise” and warning: “Lockdowns again and again, it’s just not possible.” Finally, the Global Medical Director says of the Minister of Health: “I think Karl Lauterbach can do more than some people in their ideas of freedom allow at the moment. Amen!

Quote from the evening

“We no longer know what it feels like to fight for your freedom.” Jim Odesmir


Despite war and crises, often all the routine mandatory questions and general answers expected on the worn tracks of a major tourist train. That was a talk show in the “Everything That Was There Before” category.

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