NFL coach on Bucs vs Seahawks ‘It’s cool’ Alexander Steinfurth, it’s finally official: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet the Seattle Seahawks in their first NFL game in Germany on November 13 at Allianz Arena, Munich. If you had to describe this situation in one word, what would it be?

Alexander Steinforth: “In just one word? That’s really, really hard! But I’ll say: Cool (laughs).” why?

Steinfurth: “I could have picked a lot of traits in this showdown, but we think with this combination of Tom Brady, who himself has retired, and the Seattle Seahawks, with their huge fan base in Germany, we have the perfect pairing for our first NFL game in Germany. I I am absolutely convinced that this duel will raise expectations for the weekend in Munich and that we will all have a great time together in the city.” Tom Brady and now the Seattle Seahawks together in Germany – For many German NFL fans, the big dream is definitely coming true…

Steinfurth: “NFL teams are in Germany and are not very visible at NFL matches in London, but have often been guests in the USA, and this will be supplemented by Tom Brady and a team from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who want to play for the title again next season, not Only because of the names, but also a high-level and exciting game in terms of sports. I even think if German NFL fans wished for two teams, both and the Seahawks were up front it would be.” How did this appointment in Munich happen behind the scenes? As an NFL coach in Germany, do you have a firm say in the matter?

Steinfurth: “It’s a very complicated process. First of all, it’s about finding a team that wants to give up a home game in the United States for an international match, in our case Germany – and there were already a lot of clubs that would have loved to play for us. This is a very positive development. , because that wasn’t always the case in the past. But now all of a sudden a lot of teams want to play in Germany, and so it was clear at some point that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would go to Munich Of course, that fits in well too, because they recently got the marketing rights to Germany And then at the end of the day looking at the game calendar also dictates the opponent to a certain extent and who the questioning teams are coming in so there is close coordination with the league and the first club, and of course our experiences are also consulted, which we think is the most attractive and the most logical. There is a lot of discussion It rotates over a long period of time.” What do you think when Tom Brady first announced his retirement a few weeks ago, only to announce his comeback soon after?

Steinfurth: “Of course we wished from the start that he would play in Munich. But we also knew that the end of Tom Brady’s career at the age of 44 could be a realistic option. That’s why it wasn’t so surprising, but all the more satisfying it was natural when he changed his mind again, Because he’s currently the most famous face in the NFL, especially when you’re outside the United States, and that’s why he’s a great ambassador for us in our first NFL game in Germany.” The NFL game in Germany has been attracting fans since it was announced, just a few weeks ago, nearly 400,000 ticket requests for this game were received in Munich. What is the current status of inquiries and when will official ticket sales begin?

Steinfurth: “We are now at close to 500,000 registrations and planned to start pre-sales in June/July. So there is still a little time to register for tickets and join all interested parties.” The demand is clearly beyond the capacity of the Allianz Arena. So what is the exact procedure for allocating tickets?

Steinfurth: “We’ve thought a lot about it, but there’s nothing definitive to announce yet. The only thing that is clear is that all those who signed up will be notified first of the pre-sale. More details will be provided in the coming weeks. We are working closely with FC Bayern on this and we are We are confident that we will find the best possible solution. Of course with tears in our eyes we would like a bigger stadium for this game in particular, so that everyone can really be there. But it won’t be our last game in Germany.” Are there already plans for potential fan events related to the game at the Allianz Arena? For example, will there be an NFL fan festival or similar activity in town?

Steinfurth: “We are currently working hard on it. There will certainly be a big party around the Allianz Stadium on match day. However, it is currently unclear what we can offer and, above all, where it will be.” We are currently in close contact with the city of Munich and discussing different variables. We simply want to give as many NFL fans in Germany as possible the opportunity to participate in this event. I’m thinking mainly of fans who unfortunately didn’t end up getting a ticket.” Overall, what are the next steps now that the game between the Pirates and the Seahawks is finally set?

Steinfurth: “We are in the middle of the planning stage. NFL staff from the USA and England come to Munich about every two weeks and work on our project. Among other things, it is important to make sure the stadium will be ready on game day, but topics like fan events play out. Also a major role.In addition, the first representatives of the Buccaneers and Seahawks will soon be on their way to Munich to get a first impression on the local events: Where does my team train? Where are the hotels? What is the infrastructure? In addition, selected players will come from both teams To Germany for a road trip in the summer. And other topics will also be promoted like our big football program for Germany, which we will also be guests in several German cities. So, there are many exciting things we are working on at the moment.”

Interviewed by: Dominic Hechler

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