No, in a relationship: there is no middle ground here

Each couple writes their own rules. However, there is a basic set of behaviors that are primary to a functioning relationship. On the contrary, divorced No-Goose in Relationships It can do real damage.

We give you these no-gos:

No-Gos in Relationships: These rules apply to everyone

How you approach the physical exclusivity in your relationship is up to you and your partner. You also decide how much time you want to spend together. But there are some rules Really applies to all couples, Who want a loving and respectful relationship.

Loyalty in relationships is also negotiable. picture: Flora Westbrook from Pixel

1. Violence: The Biggest Ban in Relationships

The Federal Criminal Police Office publishes an annual report on intimate partner violence in Germany. According to the 2020 report, there were 146,655 cases of intimate partner violence in Germany last year. 80.5% of victims are female. Unfortunately, violence in relationships isn’t uncommon, but it’s the biggest ban of all! If you have to experience violence in a partnership on your own, please seek help. National Helpline violence against Woman under Toll-free number 08000116016 around the clock. There you can get anonymous advice on what steps to take next.

2. Manipulation and control of the partner

Victims of psychological violence and manipulation are often unaware of the enormous and dangerous prohibition in the relationships they encounter. This can involve constantly belittling the partner in order to gain control over him or her. but also Deliberate manipulation is part of psychological violence. In such relationships, there is no place for one’s own needs, so that personal (or even professional) development becomes impossible. Warning signs are that contact with friends is forbidden or professional opportunities are condemned as a decision against the relationship.

3. Financial exploitation of the partner

If your partner borrowed large amounts of money from you frequently but never paid it back to you, and you funded your last five vacations together, there is reason to be careful. In principle and apart from financial issues, the relationship should always be based on one Balance between give and take based on.

If you feel like you are putting a lot of (emotional) work, money, attention and care into your relationship, But getting very little or nothing in return You have to find a conversation with your partner. He might not even know how little is coming from his or her side and will pay more attention in the future. But maybe you were taken advantage of and didn’t want to admit it to yourself.

Two women, one covering the other's eye
Every couple has problems, but not all are negotiable. picture: Images by IMAGO / Westend61

4. Constantly criticizing and bowing to your partner

When you get into a relationship, you make a decision. Choosing to let someone into your life is neither perfect nor infallible. Because there are no perfect people. Relationship always means compromise; Sooner or later you will do Confronting things that bother you about the other person.

Blaming the partner for every single mistake, not showing one’s own individual acceptance of the other and wanting to turn the partner completely from the inside out, are things that shouldn’t be absolute in relationships. If your partner wants to change something about themselves, you can and should support them. But the drive to change should always come from within you They are not constantly “criticised”.

5. Not wanting to work in relationships

Every relationship goes through better and worse phases. And every relationship has to face challenges sooner or later and this shows how well or not the couple works together. Relationship problems don’t solve themselves, but they shouldn’t be the partner’s only task either. If the other part of the relationship shows no interest and no desire to work on the relationship, The pair cannot develop.

If you care about your partnership, jump over your own shadow and Dealing with error susceptibility. This is stressful, but it does not only mean stability for the two of you as a couple, but also personal development for both of you.

He never writes again
Mutual respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. picture: Pexels / Cottonbro

No-Gos in Relationships: Nothing works without respect

The basis of the relationship is not blind fidelity, unlimited trust, or twenty common hobbies. These are important traits that each couple can discuss individually and set boundaries for. Violation of these boundaries and faltering of the relationship may also occur.

To survive crises and It works with each other and not against each other even at the lowest levels, There must be mutual respect. Violence, whether psychological or physical, manipulation and degeneration are things that no one should or should have tolerated. Your relationship should be your safe place And your friend your “partner in crime” who accepts your mistakes and reinforces your strengths, who you feel comfortable with and who you can be with. Relationships always mean compromise, but here too, everyone draws their own boundaries.

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