Pope Francis wants to travel to Putin – so he’s on the wrong side

Popes are not only advocates and guardians of faith. They can also be very successful foreign policy makers. It was so successful that they captured the wheels of history. Just like the “Poland Bull”, John Paul II. The Soviet Empire gave the beginning of the end. Thus it belongs to the category of world statesman. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about his successor, Francis.

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When the Pope fails as a politician, it is no small matter. After all, this is happening before the eyes of the whole world. The pope’s misstep is always a universal mistake. And it certainly was a mistake when Pope Francis, now 85, said two things in an interview that he should have kept a secret.

Francis: First we honor the offender with his presence, then the victim?

In the Corriere de la Sera, Francis described NATO’s eastward expansion as a “barking” at Russia’s gates — which if not a “provocation” then at least “perhaps facilitated” the invasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his legions.

And when the Italian inquisitor asked him whether it was advisable for the head of the Christian Church to go first to Ukraine, that is, to sacrifice, the Pope replied: No, he had to go to Moscow first. Just why?

First blessing the offender with his presence and then the victim? To pay his respects to the strong, and then travel to the weak? What this has to do with the foreign policy of Catholic Christians will likely remain the highest secret of Catholicism.

His statements about the expansion towards the east are nothing but embarrassing pimping. Here Francis takes over the war propaganda of Russian President Vladimir Putin, with which he justified his aggressive war on Ukraine.

There is not a single treaty that provides for the abandonment of NATO’s eastward expansion

And as a reminder, yes, there were statesmen who assured Moscow after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the Western Defense Alliance would not expand eastward. Among them was the then German Foreign Minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher.

However, he was pursuing a tactical intent with these statements – that is, to secure a united Germany’s membership in NATO, so to speak. Because even the membership of the former GDR was an eastern expansion of the alliance. Finally, thousands of Russian soldiers had to be removed from the GDR, the negotiations of which were conducted by the then Federal Minister of Finance Theo Weigl from the Soviet Union.

There is not a single treaty that states that NATO will not expand to the east. It was also impossible. All the former Warsaw Pact member states became democracies and all of them voluntarily decided that their security would be secured by the Western alliance and above all by American nuclear weapons.

Not a single country wants to turn into the former Soviet Union anymore – because everyone has experienced that after World War II the Russians robbed them of the freedom they had hoped for and helped build totalitarian states in their country based on the Stalin model.

Francis is old enough to know this story and these stories. As an Argentine who experienced military rule there, he has enough biographical experience to assess the mechanisms of action of dictatorships and ideologies. Why didn’t the Pope say at least a word about Putin’s neo-colonial ideology?

John Paul II’s visit to Poland: Solidarnosc was founded by Lech Walesa shortly thereafter

When Pope John Paul II, the newly elected, traveled to Poland in 1979, it was a victory parade. His visit to his homeland became the most important papal excursion in modern history. The Pope encouraged the Poles, persecuted by the Communist regime in the Stone Age, to fight for their freedom.

The charismatic pope mobilized the masses for this message – 300,000 in Warsaw alone, then two million in Krakow. John Paul called them:

“I beg you, never lose faith, never become depressed or discouraged. And I ask you not to cut off the roots from which we were born. I ask you, in spite of all your weaknesses, to dare to seek your strength from him in which so many generations of our fathers and mothers have found it. Never be separated from Him! Never lose the freedom of the soul with which a man is set free!”

Shortly thereafter, Lech Walesa founded the Solidarnosc trade union, which subsequently paralyzed the entire country from Gdask. Ten years later, the communist occupation was history, in Poland, in Hungary, in the Baltic states.

Francis must be careful not to suddenly find himself on the wrong side of history

Pope Francis, as the current leader of the Church, is based on a tradition that puts freedom first. Especially when dealing with repression by Russia that wants to become the Soviet Union again. And for this he transformed the Russian Orthodox faith, the Eastern Church, into a diligent and useful fool. The European Union is currently imposing sanctions on Patriarch Kirill, a bad follower of Putin.

It would have been better to have warned Francis than to fall suddenly on the wrong side of history.