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Status: 05/05/2022 09:45 AM

The second-tier basketball team, the Rostock Sea Wolves, is looking to debut in the Pro semifinals. Thursday night meets the Medipolis SC Jena team in Rostock Stadthalle.

by Tobias Blank

Four years have passed since the Rostock wolves ascended to the second division. Until then it was clear: The path should lead to the Senate in the medium term. The structures were professionalized during this time, the youth division was further developed and economic conditions were created in order to be able to tackle the goal of “promotion to the Basketball League”. Now accessible to Rostock Seawolves. After a strong season, the team is entering the semi-finals of the play-off in the Second Division (A) for the first time in the club’s history.

A duel of special sporting importance

There the Rostokers meet the team from Medipolis SC Jena. Both clubs have applied for a Premier League license for next season. Compared to the other semi-finals between Tübingen and Leverkusen (these teams have not applied for a license), this series has a special sporting significance: only the team that leaves the floor as a winner three times out of a maximum of five matches is promoted. In the final match, the champion of the second basketball league, Bundesliga ProA, will be determined. However, the subsequent duels no longer had a mathematical significance.

Expect the duel against Yina

The first duel against Jena will be presented on Thursday at 7:30 pm in Rostock Stadthalle by NDR Radio 1, and will also have Sea Wolves coach Christian Held looking forward to it: “It takes about nine months to be able to play the semi-final. -Final. So there are no Additional motivation needed. Unlike Thuringian, who had to play the full five matches in the quarter-final against Paderborn, Wolves had a good week to revamp and prepare for the semi-final match after their 3-0 win over Karlsruhe.

Up to 3,000 spectators are expected

With the exception of Stefan Ilzhöfer, who is not yet back in training after contracting the coronavirus, all the pros are fit and excited for the semi-final series. Despite the two successful Sea Wolves in main round duels against Jenna, he doesn’t see his team at any advantage. The 33-year-old coach knows nerves and experience make a big difference, especially in the playoffs. Gina should not be underestimated in this regard, especially due to the large number of experienced players. The Seawolves have high hopes for their fans. It is expected that 2,500 to 3,000 spectators will participate in the first duel against Gina.

“We want to put our mark on the opponent.”

“For us it’s just going to be playing with confidence. We’re going to have tough times. We’re going to have phases where shots don’t fall. We’re going to have periods where we’re going to have a hard time getting a stop. We’re going to have periods where things don’t go the way we planned. We stick to what has made us strong all season: Play basketball with confidence! Then it will turn around again. We want to play our basketball! We want to put our mark on the opponent and not the other way around,” is Heald’s goal, so that the dream of promotion to the German Basketball First Division comes true. For the first time on the Baltic coast.

The first league license is already available

The Seawolves have already obtained German basketball’s Senate license. The German Basketball League (BBL) has been granted the license without conditions. “We are very proud to receive an unconditional license to BBL. It shows that as an organization we are on an excellent path. This increases anticipation for the upcoming promotion series against Jenna,” says sporting director Jens Hakanowitz.

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