Sad present, successful future? Mood change in Schweinfurt

Eight confirmed departures – more may be added: Schnüdel before the troubles

1. FC Schweinfurt 05 gives a bleak picture these days. Not only since the erratic repeatedly and for a long time without emotion at the bottom of the table TSV 1860 Rosenheim (2:2) has crept into the crowd: there is no longer a team on the field. Everyone has been fighting for themselves for a long time and the snot sure is breathless, but a top team, like FC 05, has to present itself differently. “We missed our goals for this season. We took the excitement away a bit.”Athletic Director Robert Hittich admits.

With coach Tobias Strobel sacked, those in charge of general manager Markus Wolff and Hitsch were hoping to shake up the team once again. But the shot backfired. Schweinfurt struggled almost relentlessly towards the end of the season. Interim coach Jan Gernlin, who will be saying goodbye in a few weeks, looked completely disillusioned after the match in Rosenheim: “Every game is match after match, but today it was a bad hit. I wouldn’t have wished for my last days in FC 05 like this. I have the impression that no one cares what happens with us anymore.” Hetish doesn’t want to leave it that way and is reassured: “It was right after the match, so the emotions were intense. In addition, everything was presented in a very brief way in the article.”

Disability: Schnüdel no longer presents himself as a single unit on the field. Photo: Sven Leifer

Without a doubt, it cannot be argued: the atmosphere around the Sachs Stadium was noticeably better! Then Tuesday’s report finished it all: Thomas Haas turns his back on Schweinfurt – and turns to arch rival Würzburg Kickers. The 24-year-old is said to have incensed chiefs to the point that he no longer gets a chance, according to fan circles. This is not true, Hetish says: “Thomas still has a heel injury, so he won’t be able to play again this season.”

So everything is bad at the moment? On the other hand, Hitish does not see the situation as bleak: “The mood is certainly not as bad as portrayed. Of course it would be better if we took advantage of our multiple chances at Rain and Rosenheim and deserved the wins. But it’s just like regular company too: if I knew, and my time would be up in four weeks anyway, so often The last bit of stimulus is missing.”

Louis Zwick will say goodbye to Schweinfurt.

Louis Zwick will say goodbye to Schweinfurt. Photo: Sven Leifer

Hass was born in Lower Bavaria, and it wouldn’t be the only departure. Goalkeepers Louis Zwick, David Grozinger, Martin Thomann, Nico Rinderknecht, Amar Cekić and Amir Bass will leave FC. Florian Bieber has asked to terminate his contract, wants to combine football with a future job and says goodbye to professional football, and Edin Hosseini is a fragile candidate. Miris Skanderovic, the second top scorer behind Adam Al Jabri with 16 goals, was already linked with TSV 1860 Munich in the winter. There should be no shortage of interested parties from the professional sector. Hitish also expects the 24-year-old not to be part of the squad soon: “I’m in frequent contact with him and his agent. He caught himself with a very strong initial tour and there were already a few performances over the winter break. In that regard, I suppose he’ll turn into a higher category in the summer, and if not, the door doesn’t It is still open to us.”

Some construction sites are still in the band.

So there is a lot to do for Hettic, who is working with new coach Christian Gmunder in a new strong squad. With Severo Storm from Abtswind, Julius Landeck from Grossbarddorf and Alex Pazderigiannis from SC Freiburg, three talented men will come. Of course, this is not enough to compensate for the loss of substance on the one hand and to express an opinion on the award of the title on the other. Hetich knows this too: “There is a need to work in the middle of defence, with full-backs and there are still vacancies in midfield and in attack. Talks are going on here, we are constantly looking for interesting players and we are having many conversations.” What does the sports director prepare for the fans? “We will have a very hungry team.” Even if the team’s new face isn’t clearly recognized, the summer schedule is already in place. Coach Christian Gmunder and his squad will start preparations on June 13, and Schnodel will start the 2022/23 season in the first division of Bayern Munich on July 16.

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