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Status: 05/05/2022 07:50 AM

Strikes in gyms don’t happen very often. Clubs TSV Klausdorf and Raisdorfer TSV from Schwentinental near Kiel want to call on politicians to act.

by Mark Kramoft

Falling water taps, power cables hanging from the wall, damage to walls and hall floors: the list of defects in sports facilities in Schwinnental (Bloen area) is long from the two clubs’ point of view. That is why there are no sports shows at TSV Klausdorf and Raisdorfer TSV today. There is a strike.

My voice: Strike instead of sports in Schwentinental clubs (1 minute)

Clubs demand more spending on sports facilities

“It must be ensured at all times that athletes can use the sports facilities without any problems,” said a leaflet announcing the strike. For example, in the gymnasium of the Albert Schweitzer School, clubs see an urgent need for action. Dietmar Lukau, first chairman of TSV Klausdorf, explains why: “In our opinion, the main problem is that a large proportion of our local politicians see sports clubs as more of a challenge than as a fan of cohesion.” Little money for sports facilities, the city council continues to withdraw to other areas such as day care centers and volunteer fire brigades.

Mayor Hass: Support despite other priorities

Claims that the mayor of Schwentenental, Thomas Haas, can understand in principle, but ultimately reject them firmly. “I can certainly understand that it doesn’t seem enough right now,” Haas says. “But we’ve had to set other priorities in administration and politics in the past few months.” The mayor means, among other things, managing the coronavirus pandemic and currently accommodating refugees from Ukraine.

However, the city supports sports clubs where possible, Haas says: “For example, we offer a flat rate per youngster in the clubs at 7.50 euros per year. It continues, and neglect is not allowed.” Minor defects in sports facilities such as broken doors will also be fixed in a short time. Large projects are part of medium-term financial planning for the coming years.

Backlogging renovation work in the millions in Schleswig-Holstein

Renovation of sports facilities is also a topic of interest to other clubs and municipalities in Schleswig-Holstein. According to the Home Office, about a third of the more than 3,000 sports facilities are in need of renovation or modernization. A survey revealed that the funding requirement is around 81 million euros. According to a ministry spokesperson, the state has supported municipalities with around 50 million euros in various funding programs for their sports facilities since 2015. “In recent years, the volume of applications has been higher than the available funds,” the spokesperson said.

Positive example of Gettorf

The State Sports Federation (LSV) also sees the need to catch up, but is also emphasizing positive developments. “I am thinking of the municipality of Gettorf, where a large sports center has been built with many sports fields, restaurants, stadiums and much more,” said LSV General Manager Thomas Nijjemann, who once again emphasized the importance of clubs for health and social cohesion. Nijmann pleaded that sport should not be allowed to take a back seat in municipal planning.

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