Tinder of the Metaverse is here: New dating app Nevermet

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Love and Sex: There should be that in the Metaverse too. Curtain for the Nevermet dating app.

Nevermets are couples who have a relationship online without ever meeting in real life, according to Urban Dictionary, an online dictionary that specializes in English slang.

The Nevermet dating app, like Tinder and its ilk, sees itself as a platform to find a partner, only here VBF’s And VGFs Searching for: Virtual Boyfriends and Girlfriends.

According to philosopher David Chalmers, cyberspace is as real as meat space. So it’s no wonder the same problem is here: How do you find your girlfriend or at least take the first step? Especially when the other person comes in the form of a banana or a bunny.

Metaverse Tinder: Avatar access only

This is the biggest difference between Tinder and Nevermet. With the latest platform, the real look doesn’t matter.

The developers also emphasize this: they are in Nevermet Personal photos are not allowedOnly avatars. Profiles are controlled by an intermediary. Accordingly, other factors come to the fore here, such as one’s voice.


Otherwise, Nevermet works like Tinder and the like. Users create a profile and select the gender and age group they are interested in. Instead of a physical place of residence, they call a virtual place. The sites have names like VRChat, Rec Room, and Horizon Worlds.


Then it’s time to scroll. Should a match happen, potential fans can text each other and set up a VR date. Those looking for friendships are also welcome, Nevermet wrote.

Metaverian dating: an idea with future potential?

Nevermet was developed by Cam Mullen and Solaris Nite (no artist name or avatar). Together, they created the VR social apps Couch, Somewhere, and Cheerio.

The latter is entirely designed to get to know each other and make social contacts and is said to be particularly popular – which is why the founders of the startup decided to develop the idea further. This is how Nefermette was born, which also attracted a number of investors such as Draper, Boost VC, Greg Castle and Anorak Ventures.

The dating app has future potential, regardless of whether Mark Zuckerberg’s noble Metaverse vision comes true or not. Even without virtual reality glasses, young people are already growing up with and under digital environments — games, social apps, video conferencing — which is why the idea of ​​reverse dating probably makes sense for many of them. At least that’s what the popular documentary We Met in Virtual Reality suggests.

The digital worlds have identified one advantage: physical attacks are impossible. And perhaps in the end the character plays a more important role than her role in the flesh space. After all, everyone in the Metaverse knows that an avatar is just a digital dress code.

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