Travel: These are the current Corona rules for holidays in NRW

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What applies to hotels? Upon entering Germany or upon returning to NRW from vacation? Here is an overview of Corona rules.

  • In NRW, the 3G rule applies to overnight stays of tourists
  • Unvaccinated persons must submit a negative test if they are staying at a hotel
  • 3G rule applies when entering Germany
  • Travelers returning to NRW must observe certain rules

The corona pandemic Continues to set certain rules upon entry Germany. Here is an overview of what to consider:

Entry to Germany: 3G rule applies

According to the Federal Ministry of Health, people aged six years and over should have Negative test result, proof of vaccination, or proof of cure Property. So: 3G base. The age of the test should not be more than 48 hours. Air travelers The proof must be presented to the airline prior to departure.

Children under 12 years of age are exempt from the obligation to provide evidence. There are no fees for children under the age of six Quarantine commitment. For children aged 6 to 12 years who do not have Proof of cure or vaccination Submit, quarantine ends five days after entry or submit test certificate before the end of five days.

For people residing in a High-risk area or virus variant He stopped too digital immigration application Via the entrance gate a task. For returnees from Virus variant regions Applicable, ban on transportation by train, bus, ship and plane directly from these countries.

The 3G rule applies to all entrances to Germany, like this Federal Ministry of Health Stress: Anyone who has not been vaccinated or recovers should test negative. This obligation to provide evidence applies from the age of twelve instead of six.

The general rule is: who high-risk areas He comes and has not been vaccinated or fully recovered, he must be in quarantine for ten days and can be “tested free” five days after entry with a negative result as soon as possible. The new regulation offers a special simplification for families with children: Children under the age of twelve can now test themselves directly from quarantine upon their return. For children under six, this does not apply to these areas – but not when returning from them Virus variant regions.

In this way, countries in which variants with particularly threatening characteristics occur can be classified – eg because they largely bypass protection against vaccination.

Effective changes to nationwide entry regulations are in effect since March 3. Accordingly, only states and regions are now considered high risk areas categorized in it Virus variants With rampant “disturbing characteristics” of the omicron variant prevalent in this country.

Holidays in NRW: This applies to hotels and holiday apartments

the Actual Corona Protection Decree in North Rhine-Westphalia Sees in many areas 3G base Before. The third generation has been in effect again in the retail space since February 19. In certain places in NRW, such as hospitals, masks are still mandatory.

to Overnight tourist stay In hotels and holiday apartments applicable in NRW The 3G base. There are exceptions for children, youth up to 15 years of age, and guests with a medical certificate.

For non-tourist overnight stays (business trips or overnight stays for important private reasons, such as a funeral), 3G base. not immune Must be presented upon arrival and every four days Negative test result send.

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Consumer protection: vacationers should book flexibly

Sabine Blanc, a lawyer at the European Consumer Center Germany (EVZ), advises to carefully check all individual circumstances before traveling. The Admission requirements She is basically one of those Transporter to differentiate. Some airlines may also require a PCR test before boarding.

According to EVZ, depending on the destination of travel, costs should be on average 25 to 100 euros for corona examination Be trustworthy. “The range is from the free price, as in Denmark, to more than 200 francs (€193) in Switzerland,” says Blanc. If it is a package tour, according to the German Travel Association, a tour guide will help find test options at the holiday destination.

However, the responsibility for all necessary documents rests with the passenger. If the guide is not available upon departure, “airlines are not allowed to carry it,” according to industry association BDL. Depending on availability, airlines will show good faith and rebook flights: “Therefore, in such a case, passengers should contact their airline or tour operator immediately.”

Consumer advocate Sabine Blanc advises that you don’t get stuck with any costs that may arise Flexible cancellation options For reservations. “This applies to the flight as well as to the hotels and on-site activities.” Before booking, travelers should read the cancellation terms carefully. This is how common travel insurance rules out a pandemic. Often even missed flights due to lost documents are not covered.

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