Travel: Traffic is again expected to increase significantly on Easter

Due to the Corona crisis, many people have stayed at home around Easter in the past two years. This time around, travelers should be prepared for more traffic.

This is likely to happen on the streets as well as at train stations and airports Easter Holiday She is noticeably fuller than she has been in the past two years. subordinate do you Expect more travel, albeit still less than it was before the Corona pandemic. The Automobile Club said national travel is once again possible and there are hardly any restrictions. “Therefore, the traffic situation will be more tense than in the two previous Easter celebrations.”

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) has announced that it intends to expand its seat capacity with 50 special trains around Easter. The extent of the Easter travel wave is approaching the pre-Corona level again, it was said from Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt.

ADAC expects plenty of traffic on Maundy Thursday

According to forecasts from ADAC and Bahn, especially on Maundy Thursday (April 14th) Lots of people are going out. In the year before Corona 2019, Maundy Thursday was one of the five busiest days of the year, and ADAC predicted that there would be heavy traffic on Germany’s roads on that day. ADAC is also expecting a bit more traffic on Easter (April 18), when the long weekend is coming to an end.

“Large numbers of coronavirus cases, expensive fuel at gas stations, and fear of the consequences of the Ukraine war” can dampen the desire for longer and more vacation trips abroad. Abu Dhabi Airports Company announced on Monday (April 11th) that this will not affect visits to relatives, short trips and excursions in the area when the weather is nice. “Therefore, German motorways will sometimes be full. Drivers’ destinations include the top winter sports centers in Alps The North Sea and the Baltic Sea. “According to their own statements, tour operators on the North Sea coast are preparing for the first largely regular start of the season since the start of the Corona pandemic.

On Easter days, Deutsche Bahn uses more trains

In Deutsche Bahn’s view, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday and the following Tuesday are the days of particularly high demand, a spokesperson said. From Thursday to Sunday after Easter (April 24), an additional 50 trains will be in service, mainly on flights with high demand, such as between Berlin and Munich and between North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin.

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“People want to travel, they want to take the train again. This is clearly reflected in the growing number of reservations,” Long Distance Transportation Chief Michael Peterson explained in a railroad statement two weeks ago. “We have much stronger demand than last year at this time.”

According to her own statements, railways are generally seeing more travelers in long-distance traffic again. Meanwhile, the average occupancy rate for ICE, Intercity and Eurocity trains is around 40 percent.

The travel numbers at Frankfurt Airport in 2022 are almost higher than they were before Corona

Frankfurt Airport is expecting up to 170,000 passengers per day during the Easter travel frenzy. According to the airport operator, Fraport, about 1,100 planes will take off and land in Frankfurt every day. This brings the number close to the level of the period before the Corona crisis, when there were already more than 240,000 guests in one day.

With staff understaffed, air travelers must be prepared for Easter jams. In the Corona crisis, in which passenger numbers have collapsed, Fraport has stopped costs and cut jobs. Some employees affected by short-time work have migrated to other sectors. Against this background, there may be longer waiting times, especially at security checks and at baggage claim on return.

The capital’s BER airport also struggles during the busy Easter holidays with a very poor staff level at the companies involved in the process. (dpa)

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