Vacations in the shadow of the epidemic: Winter holidays abroad present travelers with difficult tasks

Holidays in the pandemic

Winter holidays abroad present travelers with challenging tasks

Video: Brandenburg News | 01/28/2022 | M. Nowak | picture: Images by imago / Stefan Zeitz

The demand for skiing and winter holidays in the upcoming holidays is rather weak. Those who drive anyway should be well prepared. Because requirements and regulations can change on a daily basis.

After the report card was released on Friday, Brandenburg’s school bells rang for the last time before winter break began. For many families, this also means the start of their vacation. But packing your winter clothes and moving to cooler weather isn’t easy in times of pandemic.

“It is the most childless of families.”

According to ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg, the demand for corresponding holiday destinations in Poland, the Czech Republic or Austria is rather weak. But they’re still there, Brandenburgers looking for a break abroad. ADAC’s Birgit Fogg explains that “ardent winter sports enthusiasts drive, they prepare accordingly.”

But those preparations have become more complex than ever under the circumstances of Corona. The rules for entering popular holiday countries in the winter change constantly, which is why Füge plans to plan in the short term rather than the long term. It begins with a vaccination. “People who are not immunized have to deal with quarantine regulations, if you get vaccinated, there are entry procedures that say you need a PCR test or, if boosted, you can enter with digital proof,” she explains.

Holidays abroad only with complicated bureaucracy

However, in light of the influx of rules and regulations, it is also understandable that many people are giving up their winter holidays. An investigation into a travel agency confirms this. “It’s not as I can say today: ‘In Austria, the regulations are like this: you can drive’,” says Gabriele Benewitz in Fürstenwalde (Oder-Spree). “Everything can change again.” And that from day to day. That’s why the head of the travel oasis in Fürstenwalde advises you to inquire about the current regulations right before you start your trip, even if it seems like everything has been taken care of.

For some of the families that Gabriel Benefitz advises, they check the website of the German Foreign Ministry every day. [] and ADAC [] It has now become a daily ritual, she says. But the travel countries themselves also provide comprehensive information on the Internet.

In Austria, for example, there are strict requirements for the FFP2 mask, including in ski areas. Ski passes are only available upon presentation of proof of 2G. And Gabriele Benewitz recommends something else: travel cancellation insurance including Covid protection.

Waiting times at the border are possible

This year, vaccination and test certificates, insurance documents and entry forms as well as FFP2 masks are part of the standard equipment in holiday baggage.

Neighboring countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Austria, for example, are currently considered high-risk areas. “Forms containing personal data must be filled out for all three countries,” explains Birgit Fogg of Abu Dhabi Airports. “One must download and fill out the entry forms one day before departure.”

Winter holiday preparations, for those who want to travel, are actually more complicated and keep exciting until the end. According to Vogue, winter vacationers should also prepare for longer waiting times at the border due to the evidence. They will be checked when crossing the border. “The Czech Republic controls more precisely. In Poland and Austria you have to be prepared for random controls.”

Broadcast: Anten Brandenburg, January 27, 2022, 2:10 pm

Materials by Eva Kirchner-Rätsch

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