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Blockchain-based online game opens the gateway to ‘Metaverse’ – with a new development approach

Market launch after a record-breaking fourth round of financing

, April 7, 2022. Online game ‘Outer Ring’ shows the potential of blockchain technology – beyond heated debates about cryptocurrencies. As the first game, the outer ring was developed with the community of players from the beginning. This created a multi-faceted world designed for very different types of players. Blockchain technology also opens up revenue streams for players. For example, a game’s “Non-Future Tokens” (NFT) can also be converted into real-world money. Interest in the gaming scene is huge: just 24 hours after the market launch (initial DEX offer), game tokens worth $1.6 million were sold – although the game won’t be available until the summer.

Race, defeat monsters, and establish corporations: There are many possibilities available to players in the virtual world of the outer ring. Entertainment, music and cultural activities are also part of the game. This makes them diverse and entertaining – and at the same time interesting to suppliers of brands from the “real” world. The gaming community is extensively involved in all steps of development. This should also contribute to sustainable success, as well as low technical obstacles to entering the outer ring realm.

This innovative approach by developer Nexxyo Labs has also convinced investors. After the fourth round of funding, which has just been completed, they have now invested about eight million euros in developing new games. When it comes to developing the company in the future and addressing investors, Nexxyo Labs draws on the expertise of Valuex AG, a rating, financing, and growth advisory firm specializing in blockchain projects. Valuex advises Outer Ring to launch the market and supports marketing in German-speaking countries.

Blockchain technology opens up new economic opportunities

Experts see great potential in the underlying technology. “Blockchain enables fundamentally new business models and completely different approaches to solutions from existing industries and businesses. In the rapidly booming gaming sector, for example, technology opens the possibility for players to trade in-game items. They can also take advantage of revenue streams through their virtual services. Inside the game Paul Kruegel of Valuex AG says: The Play2Earn model is really comprehensive. This also includes the sale of attractive NFTs. In other applications, virtual homes, yachts, spaceships, pets and other things sometimes change for six- to seven-figure euro amounts.

A different approach from classic game publishers

The 100-person team at Nexxyo Labs has consistently used blockchain technology since the beginning. “This differentiates our approach from that of classic game publishers,” says Daniel Valdés, CEO of Nexxyo Labs: “The currently discussed non-fungible tokens have been part of the new game concept from the start. Thus, the core of our revenue model is not selling. Game extensions, but transaction fees in the per thousand range for internal game trades.” It is precisely this decentralized structure that is the special strength of the blockchain. “Unnecessary parties and central cases can be eliminated,” stresses Paul Krugel: “We see a sustainable market opportunity in this new approach, precisely because the player-driven community approach provides a strong foundation for the business model.”

Market launch in summer 2022

Extensive beta testing is currently underway with several participants via the Steam platform. The outer ring is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2022. The $1.6 million from the successful fourth round of funding provides the funding needed to start the business. No special hardware or blockchain knowledge is required for the game.

By the way, the community of players has reason to be happy even before the market launch: anyone who has already invested in game tokens can look forward to a significant increase in value – the tokens are currently trading at nine times the issue price.

About the outer ring / Nexxyo Labs

Spanish company Nexxyo Labs specializes in developing blockchain-based games such as the “Outer Ring”. The experienced management team consists of well-known experts Daniel Valdes (CEO) and Daniel Ricardo Cevallos Seligman (Operations Director). A team of about 100 people developed the outer ring for the beta version within two years. After the testing phase currently underway, the sci-fi game is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2022. Nexxyo Labs has now raised $8 million in private equity funds.


The goal of Valuex AG is to make the potential value of the crypto and blockchain world accessible to new users, provide long-term support to startup projects in the development stage, and further develop existing blockchain business models. The Liechtenstein-based company evaluates crypto and blockchain projects according to a specially developed rating scheme based on business analysis. Valuex accompanies promising projects in their growth path, strategic direction and positioning. The management team consists of digital business model specialist, crypto expert Paul Kruegel (40) and corporate and brand strategist Mag. Oliver Schmitt (50), financial expert and former board member of Bank Gutmann Dr. Matthew Albert (63).

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