Vettel warns of ‘underwater’ Grand Prix racing

7:13 pm

Formula 1 and Netflix continue

We just got the message that the ‘Driving for Survival’ Formula 1 series will continue. Formula 1 and streaming provider Netflix have extended their agreement for two more seasons (fifth and sixth numbers). Season 5 will be filmed in the 2022 season and will be released in Spring 2023.

The Drive to Survive format first aired in 2019 and brought many new fans into Formula 1, especially in North America, but not just there. Season 4 of the 2021 season has had the biggest hit yet, and according to Formula 1 information, it’s ranked in the top ten on Netflix in ten countries.

7:06 PM

Slightly different helmet design for Miami

It was already a topic today: some drivers created a special helmet design for the first Miami Grand Prix. Take a look at this gallery, we’ve put together some pictures!

Gallery: Formula 1 helmet designs for the Miami race

6:42 pm

More impressions on site from Miami

Our gallery of the Formula 1 race in Miami is full. In the meantime, we’ve added other existing items, including the first drivers to walk the new track on the new track. And as the evening progresses (and the next few days), of course, more and more recordings are being added. So it is worth visiting regularly!

Photos: F1: Miami Grand Prix (USA) 2022

6:31 pm

What’s happening in Miami – and how Formula 1 deserves it!

Listen to this version of the Formula 1 Beginning Grid podcast! Our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervall is also at the start as he talks to the moderators about the upcoming race in Miami, among other things.

Also a big topic is: how the new financial situation in Formula 1 is below the budget line and why a group like Volkswagen sees this as an ideal starting point for 2026 with two brands – Audi and Porsche – in the “first class” of motorsport. to enter

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Interview in front of the trash cans

A lot of effort has been put into Miami to bring excitement to the road around Hard Rock Stadium. This photo doesn’t fit the picture: Aston Martin boss Mike Crack interviews Andrea Schlager, the ServusTV crew is also on board. In the background there are two trash cans. They probably won’t appear in the final TV product, only in this shot from Aston PR Director Matt Bishop.

6:11 pm

Timetable and weather for the weekend

You may have noticed that we started the Formula 1 benchmark a little later than usual today. This relates to the Miami Grand Prix schedule, with the time difference from Florida/USA. This will keep us busy for the next few days. As always, you can find out more about it in the TV overview for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which also contains a schedule of all Formula 1 units.

As always, we have also created a weather forecast. We update it over and over again over the weekend, so there’s always an updated forecast. For now she says: It could rain, but it doesn’t have to.

5:45 pm

Small adjustments to DRS areas in Miami

No wheels have been run in Miami yet, but officials from the FIA ​​have made changes to the three DRS regions once again.

– Zone 1: The measurement point after Curve 8 is returned by seven metres. The DRS can also activate before 37 metres, that is, shortly after turn 9.

– Zone 2: The measurement point after curve 16 on the straight back has been moved by three metres.

Zone 3: The measurement point in Curve 17 has been moved four meters forward.

The layout of the Mercedes circuit gives the impression of a new Formula 1 racetrack, as the three DRS zones are indicated.


Caring for iguanas in Miami

Palm trees line the Formula 1 track in Miami. This brings with it problems that other courses do not have. “First we had to build all the safety fences around the trees and make sure there weren’t any loose branches that could fall off,” says Sam Worthy, project manager at Apex designer from England.

But not only plants can cause difficulties in Florida, animals also pose a potential hazard to Formula 1. Specifically: the iguana. “We definitely don’t want a big iguana [von einer Palme] “The F1 driver crashes,” says Worthy. Sometimes when it gets cold, they fall from the tree because they are cold-blooded. But that shouldn’t be a problem in May. However, the iguana can of course still climb trees or walk across the path.”

That’s why officials in Miami send sentinels on mini-game trips several times a day. All openings must be covered [in den Betonwänden am Streckenrand] Make sure there are no iguanas in there or in the trees. “And yes, that’s unique!”

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