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There is still a lot to do here: Marcel Amthor is working on a classic combustion engine. However, the automotive mechatronics engineer is sure that it will be replaced by other engine alternatives in the future. © Ingbert Zacharias

“Mechatronics engineer” – a classic coupling word made up of two parts of the words mechanical and electronics engineer. With regard to the automotive sector, this word structure means to name the most respected coaching profession in Germany; In 2021 alone, 25,400 young people started their careers as Auto Mechatronics Technicians.

Runeburg – “We currently have 175 trainees,” Lars Weidler confirms the ongoing trend. A few days ago, the managing director of the Hanau-Schlochtern Automobile Union presented the coveted qualification certificates to 42 young people who had already completed their training. The event, which was attended by District Director Thorsten Stolz and State Parliament Member Christoph Degen (both SPD), as well as Hanau City Council Member Claudia Borowski, was led by union president Eberhard von Kotz.

“Anyone who wants to take on a very interesting and future-oriented career is in the right place with the auto trade,” said the union foreman. District manager Stolz, whose father completed the classic apprenticeship as a “screwdriver” at the Opel plant, can only confirm this. “We no longer know the classic mechanic as before.”

The job description has been completely changed

Unlike what was known as an auto mechanic thirty years ago, the job profile has completely changed and is only related to it in a few areas. The reason for this is the technical development in the automotive sector, where the digital world took off and replaced analog technology in many areas. From drive technology to connectivity and networking to diagnostics and repairs, electronic components and work aids are indispensable today.

The younger generation of apprentices, most of whom were born at the turn of the millennium, are not afraid to come into contact with this modern world; Everyone has been familiar with computers or cell phones since they were children – a feature that older colleagues in this profession had to develop first. The change in drive types away from the combustion engine and toward renewable alternatives such as battery operation or fuel cells alone shows the way to the future.

If you talk to the young trekkers, the electronics part of the training was basically not much of a challenge – however one or the other had to deepen their general knowledge a bit in order to get the interaction between mechanics and electronics professionally on the right track, because it’s only the job title of a technician Mechatronics requests it without any condition or reservations.

Pure battery operation is only a temporary solution

There is no consensus among young people when it comes to assessing the types of leadership present or future. The idea is that a pure battery motor is only seen as a temporary solution for a certain period of time and will be replaced by other motors, such as a fuel cell. Young Marcel Amthor said he also heard something about the use of permanent magnets. Something like this might still be pure music in the future.

Young people agree that the use of e-fuel, which can also be used for many current engines, makes sense and should be further enhanced.

The profession requires continuous additional training

The young people’s outlook on the professional future before them is interesting. All agreed that due to the rapid pace of technical development, continuous additional training is required soon after the handyman has been screened in order to be able to keep up with this professional field. In addition to training classic craftsmen, a degree in engineering or other disciplines is mentioned; The field of work around us offers the car the most diverse possibilities, emphasized Lars Fiedler, Managing Director of the Hanau Schlüchtern Motor Vehicle Trade Union.

Looking to a promising future: Young people acquitted from their last training year with guests of honor.
Looking to a promising future: Young people acquitted from their last training year with guests of honor. © Ingbert Zacharias

It was noticeable at the launch event in Runeburg that this time there were no female mechatronics training graduates among the junior staff, because women had also gained a foothold in this normally male profession and sided with their male colleagues in training and later. Daily work life after nothing.

Best of the year

The best in the class was Marco Paul Karach of Autohaus Staff in Niederau, followed by Marcel Amthor (Autohaus Steinbrecher, Irlense) and Julian Reeb (Autohaus am Haven, Hanau); I managed to get the Handyman’s Certificate with a grade of “Good” in the exam. (Written by Ingbert Zacharias)

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