5 tips to save a relationship

5 Tips: This is How You Can Solve Your Relationship Problems

Have you both decided to have Address relationship problems together Do you want and do not want to give up the relationship? Then these tips may help you.

Not giving an opinionRelationship problems are versatile and not all of them can be solved with the help of these tips. It also does not work if you, one of the partners, agree to it. Both must work as equals on the partnership in order for it to continue to operate.

1. Communication is the key

In addition to love for each other, Telecommunications It is perhaps the most important foundation for a healthy, working relationship. You have to learn to articulate your needs clearly, but also your limits, and always allow others to share your ideas. Your partner can’t read your thoughts, and if you don’t talk about the things that bother you, nothing will change. Send clear messages and address problems respectfully and solution oriented.

verbal expressions like “always,” “never,” or “usually”. They are like slaps in the face, demeaning the character of the other and excluding any kind of ability to learn or develop.

It can help you if you formulate disruptive agents Staying with you. Instead of accusing your partner: “You always leave your shoes in the way,” you can say, “If I come home and I trip on your shoes, it bothers me. I wish there were more attention.”

2. Show affection and value

It is very easy for us to hurt another person. Just one sentence can hurt your partner. This emotional injury heals very slowly. Mutual value creation and affection are essential Necessary for wound healing.

Thank you for the little things praiseWhen your partner has accomplished or worked on something you had previously complained about. Show him or her the added value he deserves, just as he pleases you.

Of course, it’s hard to show affection when things are so tense and hot between the two of you. But this cannot be permanent. Show your love whenever possible Injuries have a chance to heal faster.

3. Argue respectfully

One moment I was still kissing, two minutes later I was in a heated argument. Although it Something very natural and natural Ho, controversy has to be learned, too.

During an argument, feelings escalate, and you are angry and want to yell at the other person and share your frustration with them. But this is not always the best way. You can do it for Argue respectfully with your partnerso you can come up with a solution together:

  1. leave you The inner anger subsides first. It can help you to take a moment to take a deep breath, and then come back to your partner when you’re not completely down.
  2. problem formulation respectful and realistic And avoid lectures, generalizations and accusations. Insults and verbal attacks are completely taboo.
  3. Instead of just blaming each other Express your feelings and desires And try to find a solution that satisfies both of you. If the other person understands their feelings, they can empathize better and change their behavior patterns.
  4. Leave your peer It’s time to make excuses And listen to it carefully. Then go when all has been said.
  5. Try not to get involved in power struggles and To compete with each other. So, during a conflict, remind each other that you both benefit from reconciliation and that both should play their part in finding a solution. This is the only way you can sleep next to each other in the evening.

4. Work on yourself

For a relationship to work, not only do both partners have to work on it, but you also have to do it Work on yourself as an individualFor a healthy partnership. We are all imperfect and everyone has their own baggage to deal with. The only important thing is to be aware of the problems that stand in the way not only to a happy relationship, but also to ourselves. Here’s what you can do to work on yourself:

  • Know your problems that put the relationship at risk
  • Regularly think about your own behavior
  • Let the situation boil before you fall into old patterns
  • Admit you made a mistake and apologize
  • Don’t give up right away, give yourself time to get better

5. Get help

If there is no useful conversation and you can’t come up with a common denominator, it can be useful professional help to demand something. It doesn’t always have to be straightforward Couples Therapy Because we know it can take a long time to find a place for treatment and some people can’t afford treatment either.

one or the other book or a audio notation It can help you learn conflict strategies to solve relationship problems. But sometimes it helps Advice from a friend Or someone who was in a situation similar to the one you are in now.

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