After the scandal surrounding Stefan Meyer: CSU President Markus Soder wants to introduce the new Secretary General

Martin Huber, MdL from Altötting County, is the new general secretary of CSU.

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MUNICH/MULDORF – That was fast: Following the scandal and the resignation of Stefan Meyer, CSU president Markus Söder announced his successor on Friday morning (May 6). It will be Martin Huber, MdL from Altötting.

Söder-PK in live broadcast

Update, 11:12AM – Huber: “The mission is a great honor for me!”

Finally, Sodder Hopper wished him success and fortune in his new assignment and handed him over to his new Secretary General. “It’s one Great honor and thank you all, especially Marcus Soder, for your trust in us. me I dedicate myself to this new task with great passion and start this afternoon. “I look forward to this mission,” Huber said in the first statement at the press conference. Above all, he wants to address “modern issues”.. Coordinating the upcoming election campaign for the upcoming state elections will also play an important role in Huber’s work.

Update, 11:09AM – Sodder: “Martin Hooper is on fire, he wants and he’s ready!”

“The team is in the closet. Here everyone is one. Ace in office‘, Söder went on to make his decision, which he will continue to rely heavily on “Bavaria Card” want to put. It is therefore important that the new Secretary-General comes from the parliamentary group of the Christian Social Union – also in connection with the election campaign of the state next year.

“Dr. Martin Huber is a modern, young, conservative and intelligent person—who can do the country, but he can also do the town.”, So Söder for Huber. “You know him at home. He can start right away because he is also firmly entrenched in the party,” Sodder also listed other ‘advantages’ of the new guy from the Altoting area. “Burning, wanting and ready to take on this task”said the prime minister.

Update, 11:05 a.m. – Sodder Hopper named new Secretary-General

In the morning, he met the CSU party executive director in Munich to discuss Replacing outgoing Secretary-General Stefan Meyer to give advice. Immediately after that, the party leader and Prime Minister Markus Söder publicly announced the results at a press conference.

“This hasn’t been an easy week to party – and for me personally”Soder said at first and explained that he had thought a lot about it in the past few days and then confirmed what had already been leaked: “Dr. Martin Huber becomes the new General Secretary. Not only has this been decided unanimously by the Executive Director of the party, but has also received a very positive response.” Then Sodder painted it The profile of the exemplary secretary-general and explained that Hopper has exactly these criteria. Soder went on to justify his decision, “The bottom line for me is that I don’t want to make a hole in the department.”

Update 10:20am – Martin Huber (Altötting) is set to become Mayer’s successor

In these minutes, the CSU Board of Directors meets to decide on a successor to the position of General Secretary. At 11 am, the party leader and Prime Minister Söder want to announce the decision. Now it has been leaked that there appears to be a result: According to a report by Bild newspaper, it should Martin Huber, MdL of Altötting County, succeeding resigned Stefan Meyer.

Huber has been a district councilor in the Altöging district since 2008. He has also been a member of the city council for his hometown of Töging am Inn since 2014. Voted in the 2013 state and 2018 state elections Elected to the Bavarian Parliament. There he serves on the Petitions, Complaints, Environmental and Consumer Committees and on the Committee on Federal and European Affairs and Regional Relations.

First message:

for 10.30 am Söder The party’s executive board called together a meeting at short notice — and the only item on the agenda was the introduction of the new secretary-general, she said. At 11 am the public will be informed at a press conference, as reported by the German news agency (DPA) now. On Tuesday evening (May 3), former CSU General Secretary Stefan Meyer abruptly resigned. It was not clear at first who would succeed him. reported in detail about this, including in Sodder’s statement the next day.

Several names of potential candidates for the important position circulated again at CSU on Thursday Along with many other members of the Bundestag such as Daniela Ludwig of Rosenheim and Thomas Silberhorn or that Bavarian Minister of Agriculture Michaela Käneper, from Berchtesgadner Land. If the Söder chooses the Caneber, it will, in turn, replace the cabinet. If he stuck to the former regional proportional representation, the ministerial position would have to be filled by the state of Upper Bavaria.

After just over two months in the position, former CSU General Secretary Stefan Meyer announced his resignation. The 48-year-old called her Health reasons in a written statement. At the same time, however, he admitted a “possibility” later Inappropriate choice of words for the “Bunte” journalist opposite a. The journalist had previously accused Mayer of threatening him over the phone in connection with a report on Mayer’s private life. This was also reported by (additional article). Sodder announced Wednesday that he will quickly clarify who will succeed him.


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